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  1. I have never cleaned my computers insides before so dust accumulation may be the reason
  2. I don't think i'll need a completely buy a new PSU. The computer works fine,its just that the sound is very annoying if I listen closely,but thanks for the suggestions
  3. Its an emachines EL1360 -UB10P. Its a normal desktop computer. The warrenty expired a couple of days ago
  4. Also how can I fix it without replacing any of my computer parts
  5. When I take out the plug the buzzing stops and when I put it back in it begins once again. It doesn't come out of the system speakers. I hold my ear up against the computer and I hear a buzzing sound. The noise is sometimes louder some times and quieter other times. but it doesn't really stop
  6. for the last several weeks I have heard a strange buzzing sound coming from my computer even though its off. I tried performing a Google search but it wouldn't give me any useful answers so I was wondering if the piriform community knew what it was and how to fix it.
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