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  1. Well I'd like to thank all of you for you input on this topic.I think i'll be going with a Chromebook (simply because of my lack of need for software).I'll let you guys know how it turns out Once again thanks for the advice
  2. I'm looking to try a new OS after all the issues I have been having with windows. Can anyone recommend me a new OS.I got my eyes set on a chromebook or ubuntu. But i'm not sure which one yet. Also Software isnt a big priority for me,I mostly surf the web and use online apps(Google docs).My computer isn't too powerful so I don't want anything that will make my computer work too hard. Thanks
  3. I wasn't trying to be rude.I thanked him for his help,but saying "he thinks so" isnt really reassuring to anyone. Also "mta" thanks for the help.It was useful
  4. Not too helpful. I want someone to be sure of what there saying.But thanks anyway for trying .I appreciate it.Can someone else tell me
  5. Hi,I tried to test my internet connection by pinging to a website.Anyway does windows store a history of what websites you have pinged too, much like they do when you go on a website in internet explorer
  6. can you guide me through the steps on how to do it in Notepad
  7. Also no one has told me HOW to check If I have an autorun.inf file on my computer
  8. Would MSE(Microsoft Security essentials) block autorun.inf and also How can I check out if my USB drive has an autorun.inf file.
  9. Well thanks for the suggestions
  10. Is it possible to check when your USB stick was plugged into a computer and to see what time. I don't really want to download software to check it, but I read somewhere event viewer can tell me, is this true?
  11. I have never cleaned my computers insides before so dust accumulation may be the reason
  12. I have windows 7 (not sure what service pack though)
  13. I don't think i'll need a completely buy a new PSU. The computer works fine,its just that the sound is very annoying if I listen closely,but thanks for the suggestions
  14. how would I get to the root of the usb
  15. Wikipedia didn't tell me how to get there.I was wondering if you could tell me how to find the file.
  16. Hello, I accidently plugged an infected USB drive into my computer. The computer was turned off when I plugged it in, but I read somewhere that The USB ports are still on even though the computer is turned off and its possible to still get infected. I was wondering whether or not this is true
  17. Its an emachines EL1360 -UB10P. Its a normal desktop computer. The warrenty expired a couple of days ago
  18. How do I find out if my USB has software that auto runs when the USB is plugged in
  19. Also how can I fix it without replacing any of my computer parts
  20. When I take out the plug the buzzing stops and when I put it back in it begins once again. It doesn't come out of the system speakers. I hold my ear up against the computer and I hear a buzzing sound. The noise is sometimes louder some times and quieter other times. but it doesn't really stop
  21. for the last several weeks I have heard a strange buzzing sound coming from my computer even though its off. I tried performing a Google search but it wouldn't give me any useful answers so I was wondering if the piriform community knew what it was and how to fix it.
  22. I wanted to know how many of you would like Piriform's development team to focus on porting their software to linux or instead improving their existing software for windows/mac.Personally I would like them to make a version of their software(ccleaner,recuva,defragger and especially speccy) for Linux.Post your opinions below and I'd be happy to read them
  23. I had a qeustion about ccleaners wipe free space option.Does it wipe the entire drive or only the entries in the MFT.I ran ccleaners wipe free space option a week ago and it overwrote the MFT free space and part of the hard drive free space but I cancelled the operation after a few minutes.Now I am wondering whether it will still clean the entire hard drives free space or only overwrite the deleted entries in the MFT
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