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  1. Would a system restore be an option?? OK just did another toolbar update and now have everything EXCEPT the back and forward buttons
  2. I just installed FF3 but of my 2 profiles the one I use all the time is now missing the back and forward buttons. It is missing some other menu buttons as well. My other profile does have the items that I mention. Can I uninstall FF3 and get my FF2 back with my bookmarks and such in tact?? Or... because I use Febe do I reinstall FF2 and then do a FF2 backup? Is it possible to move my bookmarks from one profile to another in FF3. Actually Maybe my entire profile. Febe 6 Beta wouldn't restore an older version of Febe Thanks
  3. Hello I have been using CCleaner quite a while now. I am running Vista with 5 log on user names. Of the 5 user names I have one user that may run CCleaner without getting a prompt for CCleaner to continue, all other user names get the usual Vista pop up asking permission. Is there a setting I'm missing to get total administrative rights to the other user names? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. If I understand you correctly I think an application such as Photobucket is what you're after. It will create a thumbnail picture that opens when clicked on. Good luck to you
  5. Unable to open the link
  6. and how can I get to Security settings? Local security options
  7. Ok this does work better. I only get the "Shield" X'd out in red. Otherwise pretty good. I would think it would go back to the default setting after I reboot. Guess I'll see Thanks
  8. Sounds good I'll give it a try. No annoying prompt in the task tray advising that the protection is disabled?? Thanks
  9. Yes but it still requires a reboot each time you use it. No easy way around it
  10. Hello again Seams after updating CCleaner to its latest version the computer now asks for administrator rights to continue. Is there a way to install CCleaner so this is not necessary? Keep in mind that before this latest update it worked fine in the background. Thanks
  11. Thanks Chris I found it but not sure if it is actually working. Does a graph or some type of chart pop up to show you the progress? I had a pop up that said to click on "Apply" but didn't know where to look for it. Also is it compatible with diskeeper which I have running in the background? Thanks again
  12. Hello I'm somewhat confused here. Can Paragon hard disk manager be used in Vista or only Xp. I downloaded the Paragon Partition manager but it has no defrag option Thanks
  13. Tom419

    Chess Programs

    And I conquered level 3 Must have caught it napping
  14. Tom419

    Chess Programs

    just this very second I WON!!!! Vista chess but it was at level 2
  15. Tom419

    Chess Programs

    Have a new computer with Vista. It has a very nice chess game. Still can't come close to beating it however
  16. Matt I would actually pay for FastStone if need be. I really like it
  17. I just noticed that Vista (Premium anyway) has a built in "Snipping" tool. It's not bad
  18. I'm a Faststone Capture kind of guy but thanks (the last free one that is)
  19. Very good program. Use it all the time
  20. I wound up with a huge Faststone Capture logo sign in my "Customize" buttons chest. Had to uninstall the custom buttons to get rid of it.
  21. Can't seem to follow you and I cannot access the icons. Is it me? Edit: Never mind I thought you were directing us to a Vista icons page Sorry
  22. Just a little to big for the cabinet
  23. I don't know if you have seen the new Kodak all in one printers coming out but they look similar to the HP's with the cost of ink replacement of only 10.00 per cartridge or their about. The one I'm thinking about is the 5500 which compares to HP's 6180 I believe
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