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  1. Tom419

    avast 5

    That in itself was a much needed update
  2. Tom419

    avast 5

    I would say 100% update to the latest version. The interface is cleaner and seems to scan quicker than before. I have been using it for a couple of months and have had no issues
  3. Tom419

    Avast 5

    Cute! but I get the drift
  4. Tom419

    PDF to Word

    Thanks for the heads up. Just installed it
  5. Tom419

    Avast 5

    On a cnet web cast today they said to look for an upcoming "Prize Fight" (Comparison test) between Avast, AVG, and Avira. Should be interesting
  6. Tom419

    Avast 5

    I am enjoying this thread. Have installed Avast 5 on a couple of computers and like the new way of registering, no more email keys. Question I have is ... Is Avast 5 better or comparable to AVG Free?? I now have AVG on my main computer and it hasn't given me any problems. In the past all I've used is Avast. Had I known of the new Avast update I would have installed it Thanks :0
  7. Enough said Clean install it is Thanks
  8. Aside from just getting out the stuff you never use is there any other advantages of a clean install? I think I am leaning toward a clean install but I just don't want to be wasting my time and efforts. So I guess I am asking WHY is a clean install better? Thanks for replying
  9. I am upgrading from Vista premium 32 bit. Can I do just an upgrade or would a "clean install" be that much better. I have a lot of stuff on my computer Thanks
  10. Is Word 2010 available for sale? if so how much?
  11. Using the Alt key to access the tools menu is a nice trick. It can be accessed through Vistas "Organize" tab however. I don't think that network folders and printer option is there however Thank you
  12. still not sure if this is an option with Vista
  13. I don't see that option to check. May be somewhat different in Vista Thank you anyway
  14. Does this pertain to Vista? I can't seem to navigate to that setting. I am right clicking on the startup globe and selecting Explore, after that I'm lost Thanks
  15. Thank you Hazelnut. Unticking adobe did the trick. That was driving me crazy Thanks and have a great holiday
  16. I also have Saved Form Info Unchecked in FF under applications. Is this correct??
  17. No I always had problems with it. I took the cookies out of the saved side and put it to the delete. I then saved it again but no luck. Very frustrating to say the least
  18. Hello I have having trouble keeping Pandora radio signed in. It appears that even though I have CCleaner set to keep it's cookies, it is being deleted anyway. Is there a way to check this? If I close and restart FF my Pandora is still signed in. If I close FF and run CC my sign in info is lost. I hope I explained it correctly Sign in info is lost in IE8 as well after running a scan Thanks
  19. Would you please explain just how the IE Tab works? I have it but not quite sure what to do with it. Can I get windows update through it? Thanks
  20. I have no problem with the sizing of the BACK button as well. I'm running Vista
  21. All fixed guys Thanks Stupid me, when going into customize I had seen that the buttons (back/forward) were grayed out. I now tried dragging them over and it worked. Sorry!
  22. Just noticed I do have a backup. Chrome edit plus with profile backups. Just don't have a clue what to do with it
  23. Corona Where would I look for it? Andavari I tried doing a another install but it got me back in the same place. I only need the back / forward buttons back (they are grayed out in Customize) Or I need help in copying and pasting my info from one profile to another. Thanks everyone for the help
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