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  1. Fair enough. Maybe I misread the post
  2. OK Thanks I was deciding between the HP 6180 or the new Kodak coming out (which won't be out 'till June) Thanks
  3. Didn't know I had a problem. Didn't know what you were trying to say. I was talking about printer software and your response was "you prefer WinXP. ?? Sorry to bother you Have a great day
  4. so you're saying do not install the printers software. use the built in Win Xp. Unfortunately I need the scanning to file capabilities.
  5. you just can't win!!!! But it has to be better then HP Right??
  6. I'm waiting for the Kodak All in One printers to come out
  7. OK Thanks Now hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to make a backup
  8. Thanks But why is it free?????????
  9. It only runs when you choose to run it. Always check for updates first however
  10. I understand that. Certain restrictions will work for specific age group children. If you are concerned about a 10 to 12 year old then this should be fine. IF you permit your children to have a computer connected to the internet in their own bedroom, unsupervised, then you are only asking for trouble. Our computer is in the family room and my children each got their own once they turned 17.
  11. I run WinXp and have a separate user name for my 12 yr old. I disable all shortcuts to IE and have him access through AOL Kids Zone. This works very well for me. Good Luck
  12. I find avast is very good as well (and it's free)
  13. I found that if you want the doc folder password protected you need to put it on the same drive as the operating system. I have to hard drives, each with 2 partitions. I put my Doc folder on my 2nd partition, on the first drive. I am running Xp Home edition
  14. Tom419

    Windows Vista

    you're not insane. I like the look of Vista as well. Think I'm going with a Dell desktop with Vista Premium installed. I'm also going for 4 gig of ram so down the road I'll be covered. I remember when Xp came out the consensus was to wait and keep what you had. It turned out to be a very stable system as I'm sure Vista will be. To each there own ~ Go for it!!
  15. Tom419

    Nice list

    Thanks. Tried it a while back (note pad +) but wasn't to happy with it. maybe I'll give it a second look Thanks again
  16. Tom419

    Nice list

    Hello again Lookin' for a replacement to notepad. What do you think http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t92/tpm...texteditors.jpg Thanks
  17. Tom419


    I just had to uninstall the program. It was blocking all my incoming imap mail. Mail would be sent to my inbox but it would be blank. Found it to be conflicting with my Avast antivirus mail scanner. Otherwise I didn't know it was there
  18. Faststone is a keeper. And it's FREE!!
  19. Sorry to say but still having a problem. I get to the "shortcut" wizard and when I try naming the shortcut to Firefox bookmarks a box comes up saying the file Firefox can't be found. After the profiles folder I get an unusual folder open up where you say my Firefox Profile Name.default folder should be. Please see attachment
  20. Thank you for the precise instructions. However it did not work for me. Had to allow hidden folders to start, got all the way to renaming the folder to Firefox bookmarks. When clicking on the new "firefox favorite" it asked whether I wanted to open or save it. I clicked on open and then it opened to a dos command. I was not able to drag anything into it. Maybe I missed a step??
  21. Could you possibly walk me through this? How would I move one saved favorite over from IE to Firefox. I tried the "File" to "import" and all that does is bring everything over that I already have. Thanks
  22. I uninstalled IE7 several times while using CCleaner and never had a problem with IE6 afterwards. ~ Tom
  23. As directed. Once IE7 is removed you will see that IE6 has returned.
  24. Tom419

    IE 7

    So far I'm enjoying it. No problems as of yet
  25. Hi JDPower I sign in using a password to Aol. There are a few other aol users on this computer. They go on there xp user name and then sign on as well to aol. Hope this answers your question. ~ Tom To anwer the question better ... I do not need aol to use the internet
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