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  1. Tom419

    avast 5

    That in itself was a much needed update
  2. Tom419

    avast 5

    I would say 100% update to the latest version. The interface is cleaner and seems to scan quicker than before. I have been using it for a couple of months and have had no issues
  3. Tom419

    Avast 5

    Cute! but I get the drift
  4. Tom419

    PDF to Word

    Thanks for the heads up. Just installed it
  5. Tom419

    Avast 5

    On a cnet web cast today they said to look for an upcoming "Prize Fight" (Comparison test) between Avast, AVG, and Avira. Should be interesting
  6. Tom419

    Avast 5

    I am enjoying this thread. Have installed Avast 5 on a couple of computers and like the new way of registering, no more email keys. Question I have is ... Is Avast 5 better or comparable to AVG Free?? I now have AVG on my main computer and it hasn't given me any problems. In the past all I've used is Avast. Had I known of the new Avast update I would have installed it Thanks :0
  7. Enough said Clean install it is Thanks
  8. Aside from just getting out the stuff you never use is there any other advantages of a clean install? I think I am leaning toward a clean install but I just don't want to be wasting my time and efforts. So I guess I am asking WHY is a clean install better? Thanks for replying
  9. I am upgrading from Vista premium 32 bit. Can I do just an upgrade or would a "clean install" be that much better. I have a lot of stuff on my computer Thanks
  10. Is Word 2010 available for sale? if so how much?
  11. Using the Alt key to access the tools menu is a nice trick. It can be accessed through Vistas "Organize" tab however. I don't think that network folders and printer option is there however Thank you
  12. still not sure if this is an option with Vista
  13. I don't see that option to check. May be somewhat different in Vista Thank you anyway
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