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  1. Use DJ's dial a fix in his sig. It should fix it.
  2. What AntiVirus do you use? I use Avast Home Edition.
  3. Start > Run > msconfig It's that simple...
  4. Well CODE will allow you to post stuff that a normal post will not do, html and so on. Also it's used like quote, but usually for copy and paste stuff. Like, html, registry, and other stuff like that.
  5. Post usless programs here! MSConfig Cleanup 1.24
  6. TwistedMetal


    Yea, if you don't mind Mac. Go with a Powerbook, awesome laptops, and probably the best. Toshiba Satellite Pro are very good too.
  7. I had Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition (Legally). It's alright, but I switched to Avast! Home Edition. I personally think it's better. I don't too much care for Norton. I know you said don't suggest others, but really no one is suggesting Norton. You think that would mean something...
  8. I am the same as you guys. Wish I could...
  9. Plugins? CCleaner doesn't require plugins. The only file we have to edit our own stuff is winapp2.ini.
  10. Here is another insider, if everything is added in the next version of CCleaner. It should double your usually cleaning size. That is if everything is added that I think will be added.
  11. Check this out: CCleaner vs. Other Disk Cleaners
  12. Figured, since the cat is out of the bag. Here some stuff about CCleaner v1.20... Here is what the summarize IE Temporary Internet File cleaning looks like: Details of files deleted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IE Temporary Internet Files (103 files) 0.61MB Also: Options, Advaned (New Option): Show detailed log of Internet Explorer temporary files That's all you are getting from me.
  13. Sounds like a network problem with Windows.
  14. This didn't affect the free version of ZoneAlarm. I guess all firewalls have problems, it's just according to how bad they are.
  15. There are no beta testers (techinally).
  16. Have to have a skinner program for that.
  17. Control Panel, Display, Desktop, Customize Desktop
  18. YPOPs! and Mozilla Thunderbird Also, if it doesn't work after that than go to Server Settings. Change Port: 2000 Default: 110
  19. You did it with imageshack image. [img=http://]
  20. Yea, I trust CCleaner so much I turned off the backup feature. Didn't see a pont in it.
  21. You mean Media Player Classic done by Gabest?
  22. If you use Messenger Plus!, uncheck Messenger Plus! (Logs).
  23. Maxthon uses the same cache as IE does, so it cleans it.
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