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  1. rridgely, There was something "improper" about my instructions, or simply something simply different than the choice you may have made in the circumstances? Come on now. jlowell
  2. sweetaschocolate, Sounds like it might be a start-up item to me, but I could be wrong. Either that or it's God punishing you for your sins. Download, install and run HijackThis.exe http://www.spywarewarrior.com/files/HijackThis.exe go to Config, the Miscellaneous Tools, and locate Generate Startup List log, run it, and paste a copy of the log file provided here: http://hijackthis.de/index.php?langselect=english An excellent analysis will be offered that will help you determine whether your problem concerns a start-up process. Before acting on anything, however, I'd l
  3. jlowell

    Missing dlls

    rridgely & DjLizard, Thanks for the replies. For a while there, I thought it was God punishing me for my sins. DjLizard, I think that rridgely has given me the hint for the self-help approach I'd hoped for in this case, to wit: I don't think I'll need to bother the forum with a list of miscreants to analyse. Thanks for the offer, however, and if I'm wrong and foul-up my box, I'll just blame the two of you and sue. jlowell
  4. jlowell

    Missing dlls

    I've recently installed the trial version of Kaspersky Personal Security Suite. Running CCleaner's "issues" capability, listed are a number of missing dlls related to Kaspersky in one way or another. I thought missing dlls were the product of uninstallation. But in this case, I'm seeing them in connection with this newly installed program! I'd like to know just what the significance - or lack of significance - these registry items may have. jlowell Follow-Up Edit, July 1, 2005 Sixty-eight views of this question and no replies? I'm surprized. I can't imagine that I've stumped peopl
  5. Many thanks for the suggestions. jlowell
  6. I'm looking for a quality, very low resource using popup blocker for IE 5.5. Suggestions, please. jlowell
  7. OK, I'm taking a look at the Kaspersky Personal Security Suite containing, inter alia, anti-virus, spam, firewall and spyware protection. I'd appreciate having comments about this suite, its components and its effectiveness. jlowell
  8. I'd have to agree with the objections made here concerning System Mechanic. I was glad that I had a clean clone available on another box to restore the partition it damaged when I tried the evaluation version. I've not had any difficulty whatsoever in that way with CCleaner. jlowell
  9. Tarun & rridgely, You guys must know each other, eh? Seriously, rridgely, thanks for the help in depth. For most everything but business computing these days, I'm a Linux user. I do use Windows 2000 Pro for some personal requirements, however, never having been willing to shell out for the licenses for XP and other supporting software, and I say that not to ignite controversy here but rather to explain in a way how CCleaner has helped make what time I do spend with Windows more enjoyable. Using CCleaner, my Windows performance has been enhanced measurably. I've managed to deal wi
  10. OK, the local telephone company is my ADSL provider and used to have a relatively spam free e-mail service. But, alas, they fell into the grip of SBC about 18 months ago and Yahoo was forced on me against my will. Conservatively, even after having enabled the Yahoo spam filter and purchased Norton Internet Security which provides a decent anti-spam program, I'd guess 90-95% of the mail that reaches me here is pure junk, you know, penis enlargement or Cialis deals (I mean, really, at age 65 and with borderline high-blood pressure, I should be so lucky as to be a prospect for such meshugass )
  11. DJLizard, Thanks for the reply and your recommendation of Spinrite for disk surface integrity checking. I'd been aware, of course of the availability of C:\> CHKDSK /F /R for file system checking. Interesting that you'd suggest NTFS. I have here what is probably a fairly rare arrangement these days, Windows 2000 Pro with two FAT32 partitions, one for personal the other business computing. The installation program recommends that in case where more than one partition using Windows 2000 will be used on a disk that they both be FAT32. Don't ask me why, I just follow instructions.
  12. Here is a post I made at SpywareWarrior.com regarding my new experience with CCleaner. It speaks for itself: I'm pleased to have tried this very fine disk cleaner. jlowell
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