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  1. http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/index.php?showtopic=4048 When you View This Page in IE, it will open a new tab in Firefox that is IE. Instead of just launching IE, it will do it as a tab.
  2. I would suggest reading the Beginner's Guide. The link is in my sig.
  3. I use AdAware SE, Spybot S&D, BitDefender Pro AV/Firewall, and WinPatrol. I had ZoneAlarm, but for some reason vsmon.exe would hang at startup and caused Windows to lockup, I had to uninstall it.
  4. Well, besides CCleaner. I would have to say Firefox. Them are the 2 programs I use the most.
  5. Main reason is because of bandwidth.
  6. http://www.opera.com/support/tutorials/opera/spellcheck/
  7. It's not just Bush now, it's the hurricane too... Gas is sky rocketing and so much damage because of it.
  8. I have a fix for it, hopefully it will be in 1.23 or 1.24.
  9. I'm going to use it for the whole day today, but I will probably go back to Firefox. The speed on Opera is great. Opera dislikes: * Smooth Scrolling is horrible. * Found some html handling errors. * Preferences are confusing. * No NoScript extentsion! * No extentsions compared to Firefox. Actually I think I will go back to Firefox now, I miss it already!
  10. Just uncheck Firefox/Mozilla.
  11. TwistedMetal

    PDF Program

  12. I like the new buttons for CCleaner. This version has some bug fixes and new features. I would recommend upgrading to this version once it is released.
  13. Yes, but that is up to MrG. I will pass along the info to him, but that is all I am capable of doing.
  14. I just deleted "ALL" of his posts...
  15. Sorry, people can not be on the forums 24/7. Mr.G is on UK time and I work just about everyday. The matters will be taken care of, but it will take some time. BTW, boots is no more.
  16. Well, I can say this. It may be in the middle or at the end of next week, if everything goes ok. Don't hold me to it or anything.
  17. I haven't known of CCleaner deleting Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks. I would suggest closing Mozilla Firefox before before running CCleaner to help avoid this problem. That is all I really know of to fix this problem. I recommend backing up your profile anyways, incase something does happen. Backing up Mozilla Profiles Manually: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_backup There is also a program: FireTune for Mozilla Firefox v1.x was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. It is based on a collection of popular and well working optimization settings used and tested by the experts. Usually you have to optimize Firefox manually, which can be time consuming and difficult for the novice user. It also has a backup feature with it. http://www.totalidea.com/freestuff4.htm
  18. Yes, people really suck. Not all people, but some! I get ready to go to work. My driver side keyhole was punched in, the car is unlocked, the middle dash piece is in the passenger side floor and my CD player is gone. It was a $200 Sony Xplode, funny thing is, the remote to it, and the face protective box was in my middle console. They didn't brake anything, just took the CD player. I bet if I would have remove the face and had it in my apartment, they wouldn't have broken in. Well, there goes money for fixing the door, car alarm, and a new CD player. Remove your face to your CD player if you are able to, a wise of warning.
  19. TwistedMetal

    Hey Guys

    Sorry I haven't been on, I moved, and was hoping to get internet back in just a few days. It took them over a week to do it. But I am back now.
  20. See if this helps... http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1192
  21. Analyze & Run Cleaner is for Appilcations. Scan for Issues amd Fix Selected Issues is for Issues. CCleaner won't mess up your registry at all. It will create a backup incase you have any problems at all.
  22. LoneWolf is "TWICE" as better then first one ever could be. Awesome single player and Live support.
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