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  1. We have a Intel Celeron 1.70 Ghz, with Windows 2000 SP1 and 512MB ram. When I run CCleaner [latest version..xxx.xx.xx.142 I think.] with default settings, HP Image Zone loses some files and we can't access pictures. It does not delete the pictures. And we have to put in the Printer/Fax CD to recover the files. What might be the problem? After every run of CCleaner this happens. Either than that the pc works fine. Boot up and shut down times are very, very fast. Thanks
  2. Was just wondering if there is any advantage in using CCleaner in safe mode. Some programs need sometimes to be used in safe mode to do a thorough cleaning once in a while. Can I do so with CCleaner once in a while? Am very satisfied with CCleaner. Thanks.
  3. I used CCleaner last night. Freed 37.7 MB[Run Cleaner] and fixed 337 registry issues. The above might not seem much but I cleaned my registry without having to select 'yes to backup' when cleaning. I don't understand why I have to make a backup of the crap I'm cleaning, and not just clean it. CCleaner has helped do what I want at last. I am not saying people must not select backup when cleaning or fixing issues in the registry, I make a full copy of the registry before cleaning. Was using Cleanup in the past and I managed to clean all my pictures and data. CCleaner helped me clean without mess
  4. How do you update CCleaner when there is a new update? Do you delete the old one like in the case of Mozilla Firefox? If you do delete what happens to your registry backups. Is it necessary to select backup before fixing, since CCleaner does not remove files that are necessary to Windows? Sorry about this, but what are custom folders? Are they 'My Documents, My Pictures, etc? Thanks.
  5. I'm not computer savvy. I would like to use CCleaner very much. I want also to remove any crap from my registry. Will CCleaner clean my registry? Will this not mess up my registry as I do not know even how to re-install Windows. What is the difference in Scanning for issues & fixing those issues and Analyse & Run Cleaner. I have read here on this board that CCleaner does not remove important files, is this right? Thanks for your patience.
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