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    Very good application!
  2. asdf


    I read the pinned Trhead "how to add a program to winapp2.in", downloaded the new 1.21 version and the last updated winapp2.ini (11/07/2005) file but if i just unzip it into the folder where CCleaner is installed in the applications tab of the program do not appear all the applications listed in the winapp2.in file.For example i can't see acronis true image.Maybe only the lines relative to the apps i've installed appear or should appear all the apps not just those i have installed? I also tried to rename the file into winapp.ini but with no results...
  3. asdf


    It would be better imo if the CCleaner updater could auto update CCleaner rather than just go to a web page saying if there was an update avail or not. btw sorry about the username couldnt be botherd to register so used the one from bugmenot via the firefox extenshion (www.bugmenot.com)
  4. sorry if this has been answered before but, is it really safe to remove unused file extensions? I can't see these documented anywhere. It looks safe but I haven't found any mention of it FAQ or forums, so I'm a bit uneasy. I've got about 1000 of them listed!! TIA
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