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  1. right the time has come to finally solve my problem which is install CCleaner........no problem open cleaner...........no problem click issues, click scan for issues......31% and close aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh no warning, no error message, no nothing help or i may die thank you
  2. ok i`ve tried adjusting spyware and anti virus to the pont of turning them of completely and still no progress. think i may cry if i cant get it to work,any more ideas ppl?
  3. i open up cleaner try to scan for problems then it shuts down, does`nt seem to want to stay open for more than 5 seconds if any one can help i would be forever grateful. tried visual basic 6 runtime thingy but to know evale please please please help
  4. i tried visual basic 6 runtimes and cleaner still closing itself seconds after opening does antone have any ideas as to how to solve this problem
  5. ok i have installed, reinstalled and reinstalled and CCleaner still wont clean. all it does is open up and then closes again seconds later pls help
  6. tried visual basic runtime download but nothing seem to happen and still having the same problems. cleaner opens up for about 5 seconds then shuts down, i get no error mesage or anything.
  7. can anyone help me i`m having problems with CCleaner it opens up then closes itself within seconds i`ve uninstalled and reinstaled numerous time to no evale please help me. i know there is crap to be cleaned on my pc
  8. cheers for the reply but hasnt helped
  9. when i try to open CCleaner it pops up on screen then closes straight away so i cannot clean, ive used this cleaner before, had no problems for months then had to get rid because of same problem. can anyone advise. please help cheers
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