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  1. On the Acer, press ALT and F10 while the Acer Logo is on. This happens almost immediately after pressed buttons to start. Believe there are other options in F8. I have an Acer 5610Z with Vista and those items above apply.
  2. Don't know about the drivers but you have the capability to make disks to restore the system just as it was from the factory. Do you see the "Empowering Technology" icon? If not go into Programs and look for it. When brought up to the desktop there are several options listed and make restore disk is one of them. Usually will take two DVDs or 4-5 CDs. If things don't go well for you you can get the drive clear and then run the disks you made to get back to start one. I have a 5610 and that's the way it works. Think your's will be the same.
  3. Thanks for that information. I just now removed the AVG and downloaded a newer edition, installed it and did check on what you mentioned. It is as you said it should be. Don't know what it was on the old one I uninstalled. That sure may have been the problem.
  4. I have two PCs with AVG. One never asked for restart. The other want it nearly every time.
  5. Did an update and it's wants to restart to finish. I'm restarted today all I care to. It will be taken care of when I turn it off tonight.
  6. My first time with this. Hope it isn't a copy of someone else picture.
  7. A 15 day trial software, "Cleanse Installer" is great for occasions like you have. It will uninstall the program and then by continuing it will find parts not uninstalled as they should be and offer to finish the job. I like it so well think I will pay and get the program as my 15 days are up. Here is the link: http://www.zardssoftware.com/
  8. Thanks all. I believe my question was answered. It's an MS snoop!
  9. Found this info in ZA Log. The DNS wanting to connect for the Windows SQM Consolidator was Whois search indicated that "NATIONAL-WEATHER-SERVICE-SRARCHIVEIIREQ" was the culprit! Have received two more requests since I posted the first time. Also found this: "C:\system32/wsqmcons 11/2/2006 7:34AM Application 179KB" Could not open it. And it still doesn't matter to me who or what. I've got it blocked.
  10. I'm using Vista Home Premium and my file system is nothing like the attachment shows. I don't have messenger installed. I found something that I thought was the answer until I looked closely and saw the letters weren't the same, (see atch). Not going to worry about it. Vista itself is enough to worry without something else.
  11. Been there, seems MS doesn't know. Searched and no result. If you have something I didn't find send me the reference please.
  12. Have Vista OS. Just now ZA window popup wants to have internet access for "Windows SQM Consolidator" and I refused as I don't have the any idea what that is. Searched Google and found nothing that I can use. Would someone help, or even guess on this? M
  13. Mudd

    Microsoft Mail

    I have a Vista Home Premium that I have finally persuaded to run almost like I want it to. That is ignoring the Windows Mail. That is a hopeless program and is really frustrating. So, along comes Windows Live Mail. It's so much better than what came with Vista. Today I downloaded and installed Window Live Mail. I'm delighted to say not one problem has slipped in yet. Probably will but not yet. I have three address which the program grabbed and set the up, ready to go. Imported the address book silently. This thing is fast, very fast. Believe it beat Outlook Express on speed. Has a lot of options, such as colors, features. Some things missing that I'm used to but will accept it over what it replaced. I have version 12.0.1184 and it doesn't mention BETA. Must be a final. Everybody with XP SP-2 and Vista can run this program. I like it. Mudd
  14. Dennis - You are welcome. I understand it was designed/written by some French Univ Students as a project some years ago. The newer students just keep improving it. I'm certainly not an expert but it has the plug ins that some of the "pay for" versions don't have and it will do for me to the extent of my knowledge.
  15. If a French Program doesn't bother you, try this Frhttp://www.photofiltre.com/ench. Both a free and pay for. The Plug ins available are almost limitless and there should be enough to satisfy all. I use it for fun to do a lot of Clone work and send to friends, and a few enemy's! Really believe this will suit the youngsters and they can pick the plug ins they want, or download the lot of them.
  16. And SIW floats alone. No installation involved.
  17. I have a Dell PC that has a NCQ Serial ATA RAID 1 with dual 160 GB Drives. Look redundant to me. I would like to have only one drive for the OS and use the other for backup and other uses. Is there a way a person with little skill with PC can change this around? I don't want to have to reformat, just use one and clean one for the backups and etc. I have an EZGig 11 backup program that will allow me to Clone a Disk as well as backup particulars. I want the second disk to Clone my system. I'll have it made if this can be. I'm an old Geezer with little or no skill with such as thing.
  18. Great I guess. Don't know how an old man supposed to feel. I know it's not a 40 yr old should feel, but, "Hey what the heck!" Since I quit worrying about my self and wondering what's going to happen and when, I've got it made!!
  19. Yes I do, and also the 1940 Red Convertible with the White Top and White Leather Seats, and (the pretty young blond that used to ride with me!). Aw, golden memories.
  20. Don't want to clog the Forum with this but for interest my first vehicle was a 1929 Model A Ford. Dad bought it for me to use for school transportation. We lived on the far edge of our school district. I can still work on it and get it running smooth as silk, in my memory of course. It is probably many tools in China by now!
  21. Good to hear from you CaPMan. Your Dad is only a couple years ahead of me! I understand exactly how he feels. I was a Mechanic's son and worked with my Dad for years. There was nothing I couldn't do in the old days. I get a headache when I open the hood (I think it's Bonnet there), and see all the crap I would have to know. I leave it to the new generation to solve my problems. Going to try FireFox As most everyone on the Forum seems to be a FireFox fan, should get a lot of help when needed.
  22. That's correct, I have never used FireFox. I've seen other computers with it on there but------, well you will have to wait until you are old and mentally challenged with new things! I have it download and installed now. It is strange to me. I've gone through most things and getting familiar with it. Feel sure after a period of time I'll get the hang of it and be well satisfied. Thanks all for responding. Bet if I have any problems you all are still there. Thanks again for the replies.
  23. Please disregard the above post. To many problems so I will revert to IE6 and tomorrow try Fire Fox.
  24. I'm trying IE7. Of all the sites that are OK, this one I can't get New Post Topics, My Assistant, or New Replies. So, I can't see what is new. I can go to the individual topics and read all. I have put CC Forum in trusted zone. I have set the pop up blocker to allow pop ups on CC pages. Still, no success. If someone has a suggestion for a fix and posts, hope I can find it!
  25. Mudd

    Word Viewer 97 MRUs

    Be easy on us, especially the old timers. I use Power Point Viewer 97. It has not failed to open anything I have tried so far. Cee CeeSearch for and download MRU Blaster. It will remove MRUs, usually.
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