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  1. Corona and you have some great ideas. What would I do then. I can' twiddle my thumbs, one is missing! Grouch would run me out of the house gabbing with her. I have an old adding machine that is all manual. If you want 10X346 you have to put 346 and pull the handle 10 times. Not bad until you want 122X586! I could use it instead of a PC. Think that would get old after a while. I'll make it with this one. Someday when it's fixed I'm going to post, all in caps, with the largest font I can find to say, "I got it."
  2. This may be the best suggestion I received. I would have sent it DOA to the Junk long ago but it otherwise is a good PC. This is the only problem I've had with it. I have a slot just below the DVD for a USB removable hard hard drive, 120GB. That makes it so easy for storage. Has 8 USB plugs, Fire-ware connections, all so handy in front. Only has 2GB Memory but two extra slots and was thinking of upgrading to 4GB. Well, maybe next winter if I survive it will come a very cold spell here and I'll have time to stay inside to reformat. Maybe, just maybe, it will come back then. If it doesn't come back, give me an address and I'll send a part that is left to you!
  3. Did exactly as you said Richard. Copied the line from your post, followed the rest of the instruction and in the end this is what I got."The Parameter is Incorrect." This came after I click Open With as a double click doesn't do anything, nor does PLAY. Thank you, you post looked like it might get a different result but didn't. I quit, don't have enough time left to worry about something like this.
  4. I'm concerned that I'm not getting through to you and others and that's my fault. I'll try to make this simple, like I am, so you will understand. l. I have some 351 AVI files stored on a removable hard drive. After I've had my laughs, that's where I store them. Pending a forward to friends I keep them in a file named "AVI" in the Mudd Folder. 2 Sometime early this year the received, and stored WMP files, quit working after a double click. About that time my Graphics crapped out. Read another post somewhere and a guy had the same problem as I do and he claimed to trace it down to the graphics board. He got a new Graphics Board and all was well. I assumed that may be my problem, that is until I got a 1GB ATI 5570 Card. Nothing changed. In a nutshell, here it is. I can single click, double click, right click and open with, and any of the other selections and nothing happens, Nothing. If I select open with and use the WMP I get the Parameter Incorrect window. The AVI click double should open the file in WMP. It doesn't. Used Hazelnut's idea of making shortcut from Program Files/Windows Media Play, and made on from the list under Start Programs. The files, WMP, just will not open in WMP unless I open the Media Player first, the File/Open and select a file in my group or external hard drive and all is well, plays just fine. What you have suggested I have done over and over. It's just like the file isn't there if I want to open it in WMP. WMP can find It but It can't find WMP! Am I making any sense at all? I've searched every where I know for a solution. Maybe I could go to Microsoft for an answer. Vista is still supported I guess. I went there once with a problem and I decided a man from Mexico speaking Spanish to a German speaking German would be the most complex thing to happen. Not so.! I give up for the time being. Thank you for your efforts with the post. My windows look a little different from what you posted but it was the same subject. I'm guessing I could reformat and get it right. Had to do that on my Laptop yesterday and until about 4Am this morning. Had 109 Updates for Vista. After that had to install Service Pack 1 and 2. That was another hour and a half. I'm ready to quit. Sure would like to fix it before I get to 80. Way thing are going it's going to be close!!! Thanks again,
  5. Made a shortcut from the WMP on the Programs off Start. Also went to Program Files, found Windows Media Player, made a shortcut there and moved it to desktop. So now I have two shortcuts for WMP, one made from Start Programs and the other from Program Files and WMP. A little progress is being made. Now when I click the WMP file I want to see, the icon blinks once! That's new but still all else is the same. It will not open. Right click and open with gives me the Parameter is Incorrect. From both shortcuts, I can open WMP and then Open again to the file I want to play and it plays in WMP> When I get a WMP file in email I save it to a folder I made under Mudd, along with Pictures, Documents, etc. AVI's will not open in WMP. MP3s will, Power Points will open in Power Point, just AVI's won't. Forget about this. There have been so many that have wasted time with me on this. I'll just Pi** and moan about it and maybe someday I'm forget it. Thank you and all the others.
  6. Odd that your post wasn't send to me my email. I noticed it while reading one from another. So I did what you suggested and here is what I have. I put a shortcut to WMP on the desktop hoping it would work. I moved the WMP file I'm trying to open from it location to the desktop hoping it might open from there. No it won't, and yes all the desktop icons show the shortcut item. In an earlier post I said it didn't. I was using the Icon File itself looking for the shortcut. Please overlook that mistake. It's been a very long night for me I really don't want to reformat just to get this thing to work. I did that on my Laptop through the night just yesterday and this morning. Hope I'm making sense as my Brain is tired and sleepy!
  7. When I right click I don't get the properties shown in your link. I get GENERAL SECURIY and DETAILS. No shortcut listed. Could it be that the link mentions Vista64 when I have Vista32?
  8. Did as you ins truced. It was a success window appeared. But that was the only success. Still the same. Icon is a dead one.Nothing happens when trying to click it. Right click and OPEN WITH and "The Parameter is incorrect." I'm still using VLC but I like WMP better. Maybe after a while I will get used to it. Thanks for the try. Mudd
  9. I've been to first two you sent. Looked but didn't fool with the third link on your advice. Thank to you
  10. Thanks for the info. I"m going to try any/everything that is available from you folks on the Forum. Don't think anyone would purposely steer me wrong.
  11. Mudd

    atu 6950 and up

    With your and other's help I figured out the PM thing. First sent the report that was a "mile or more" long. He wrote again as you can see from the post and asked for a Zipped File. Figured that one out a little faster! It has been sent. Thank to you and the other about for help Just what old F**ts need, help.......
  12. Mudd

    atu 6950 and up

    Sir: Please excuse my ignorance but I don't know how to PM a person. Your post "Please PM me your .speecy" throws me. An earlier post show the readings I have. Again please realize I'm just an amatuer. I'll be glad to do what needs to be if I can get a little more instructions as to what to do.
  13. I have found what you mention above. I'm not an expert at changing things but I see what you mean. I'm trying it now. I believe it's where it indicates "Let applications" do so and do or set it to my preference. Thanks for the two posts you gave me. Own you a lot of thanks.
  14. Mudd

    atu 6950 and up

    Thanks Richard. I have found a way to see the temp by going into the guts of the Video Card. Running about 47C which is O.K. as far as I know. Just thought I would post that Speccy was missing it.
  15. I'm using WMP 11. Isn't that a part of Vista Home Preimum? I'll try to find it somewhere and install over what I have. It's not list on the Control Panel for uninstall.
  16. Thank you Sir, I will do that now. If all goes well I'll reply. If not, I'll be quiet and pout. ****************************************************************************************************** I'll not pout after all. Still no help. After uninstallation, found 7 entries in the Registry that were left behind. They are gone now. It appears that I'm going to have to go the long way to use WMP or settle for VLC. VLC is great but I was so used to WMP because of what I mentioned earlier, brightness, color, contrast, etc., and maybe VLC has all that also. Just haven't settled in to that program. Thanks a lot for the help.
  17. Mudd

    atu 6950 and up

    the developers read every thread so they may ask you to provide more information (such as attaching a speccy report or sending them your Speccy log via Private message. ********************************************************************** I also have a ATI Graphics Card 5570 Radeon HD 5570 that doesn't offer the temp on the Speccy program. See atch.
  18. Just finished the Chkdsk.exe and saw nothing that was fixed or changed on the screen. Tried to run WMP, no luck. Seems as if something is the matter with the shortcut, but I can change the properties and let it be VLC and it open just fine. I'll wait until I hear from you or someone before trying anything else. Just for your information, this started long ago and I don't remember when. That's why I downloaded the third party Codex. Maybe I should get rid of them??
  19. Richard I knew better to post details, just gray matter got behind. Vista Home Premium WMP 11.6002 Memory 2GB And no I haven't ran Chkdsk, and yes I did install 3rd party codec pack, trying to help myself. I've never ran a Chkdsk, so I'll try it now. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  20. There is an old thread from me about WMP not opening but I think a new one will be more appropriate. When I double click WMP icon from a file I have, nothing happens. When I select Open With WMP I get "The Parameter is Incorrect." I thought it because my Graphics Card had bit the dust as was suggested on another forum from some guy. That was his problem with it. Sounded reasonable to me so I waited until I got a new Card from recommendation on this forum. Got the ATI Radon 5570. Still have the exact problem after the new Graphics Card I can open WMP and go to Open, select the file and it will open. Seems it's just the shortcut that is not working but Open With also will not go. Several on the this forum recommended that I use VLC which I did but still miss the WMP as I can adjust the color, contrast, brightness, etc. Went to Default Programs and associated all the files with WMP to no avail. Am I clear enough with information to understand my problem? Sometime I write and after reading I don't understand...!
  21. That's the nicest way of saying, "You really ****ed up this one." Well, it running just fine so far. Don't know what will happen when I put the new card in Friday. I have a good restore point from Saturday, day before I ------ it up. Think I restore that and keep trying to download on the of links you sent.
  22. I'll dance at your next Wedding (By Proxy of course) if you would sent it. I found on the Internet and tried Dirver Cleaner Pro. It found three NVIDIA entries and I chose to delete them. They were registry items. Took my board out, rebooted and they were still there. It's and over and over deal. I had a hour or so yesterday so I went to the Registry and looked and deleted anything NVIDIA. Hope I didn't screw up as there were about 30 plus entries for NVIDIA. There were two that would not allow me to delete. The Fan on my board had broken off at the spindle. No wonder it was near 200 degree F when it crapped out. If you have the time to do that would be very greatful. But if not I'm happy anyway. Went to a city about 85 miles from me to have a partial leg about fitted. Have one that lost a little in the military. Tried it out temporarily and fits great. SO, Nothing can disappoint me today. You're a very helpful person Andavari for people like me that just don't have it and are to old to ever get it, information that is!!!!!!!
  23. I sent a post few minutes ago about the Sweeper no long available but don't see it on the forum. Will send another. Hope it isn't a duplicate
  24. First, what would I do without you guys? I was trying figure out how to get rid of the NVIDIA drivers as the new Video card is due here Thursday. Then just out of the blue my answer appeared! I could not make this a sucess if not for you and others. Andavari, hope all things good happen to you today, Thanks. I will post again when it's complete. Edit 937 AM First problem of the day. I have the paid edition of Avira, a German Company put this out I think. After trying to download, I get a window that indicates that the download is potentially a dangerous URL, maybe spyware, etc. It gives instructions how to download it anyway. Not the big surprise, it's in GERMAN and I don't understand a word. The link to the page is below. Maybe someone there on the Forum can help, maybe even you! I've looked everywhere on a way to turn the AntiVirus off. Can't find anything. Went to Task Manager and try to stop it. Got a big "Not authoried Action" window. http://www.avira.com/de/support-for-home-knowledgebase-detail/kbid/420?id=420 Sorry to keep bothing you.
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