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  1. Thanks. And it might help, who knows? I'm doing exceptional well this time. Should be back on my "feet" anytime now. Merry Christmas to you and family.
  2. Nice talk, thank you. My reward for the service in the Military is that I came home. Not exactly like I wanted. A lot of guys didn't.
  3. Can do that! I can even drag myself to the Pi**er, hold on to the Sink Cabinet, pull myself to Pot! How about that? Hopefully this is not going to last to long. Had this problem many times in the last years. Something the Military gave me!
  4. Don't know at the moment. The Friend kept it to try to see if he could bring it alive! When I get it back (?) I'll send you the info.
  5. I'm almost ashamed to post on this forum because I don't think I deserve all the attention I getting over my problem. What a group of people you are. Update on this BS: My Son came home earlier than I expected because of the expected bad weather over the weekend. He went through all this with me, took the drives out, then took them to a friend of his that knows a lot about PCs. He hooked both drives up to a PC and the SSD was a wreck, couldn't even reformat it. He said it showed bad sectors. The other drive was reformatted and a disk was used at his place to put Vista back on it. Di
  6. Sir, how would I get Ubuntu into the PC that won't start up? I can't get it accept my Restore Disk. So, I could download it from Grouch's Laptop, put it on a Flash Drive, or DVD, but then would be deadlocked because it will not start up to run a Disc or Flash drive. DBAN - I'm not familiar with that. But wouldn't it be the same thing as it would need a PC that would start on it's own or Disc or Flash or a Backup on a SSD? I think the PC is constipated with to much data as it crapped out when I tried to run a Backup from the SSD. And by the way, the SSD has problems also as it quit wor
  7. Maybe you missed something posted earlier. The PC will not restart, neither Safe Mode or normal. Nothing happens, tries to start up but never gets there. Will bring up menu for Safe Mode but will not start there. It's a dead animal! Have been out for medical reasons since my last post. Am home now, using Grouch's Laptop to post. Trying to get ready for Holidays. Grouch is cooking, bitching, and complaining about anything. I'm trying really hard to get myself in order to be a good Host to my children and grandchildren. Therefore the PC is not getting any attention. There is no
  8. Corona is certainly right concerning the particular area. The temperature can get very low but the absence of moisture in the upper air flow is so low that Snow and Rain are almost nill during the cold months of Winter. As a kid I do remember a period of time, no memory of what year, but we had rain, sleet, and then very cold temps of the -F and it started snowing. Snowed for a week. No auto travel could be made. The Farmers near by got their Tractors out and went from farm to farm, house to house taking emergency orders for fuel or food. There was a small community several miles from us
  9. Dennis, hoping for you on the weather. Now for Kroozer. I've been to your state, Jan-Apr and I'm sure there are really nice places. Colorado Springs was not one of them during those months when I was there. Some day when I grow old, going to take a short trip up there. Not to far from NW Texas. I can be positive in saying it will be in the Summer...............
  10. I'm the one that needs a blanket. This doesn't happen in the part of the State. Well, sometime it does and it did early this month. May not look like much to you that are familiar with snow and ice storms. Here it is very unusual. Sorry about the double post of attachment. My excuse, Old!
  11. Thank you Dennis. I intend to do my best. We are having weather here that is unusual for this part of the state. It's keeping me inside and I'm really bored but will make it. Sure enjoy reading everyone's Posts. Dont' always know what's going on but still enjoy. Merry Christmas to you.
  12. The first time I kept my eyes close most of the time, especially when he was in my heart with the wire thing. This has happened several times over the years. I fall a lot and bump into things. If I happen to hit one of the places where there is a Stint it can easily be mashed flat or nearly flat. I try to be careful but being an old fool like I am, it's not always easy to be careful enough. Feeling great today. Up and out of bed tomorrow. Enjoyed your post.
  13. Surely there is a big winded person on the Forum rather than I that could take just a few puffs to get them all. Find him/her and ask a simple question, catch the answer in the balloons! Hazelnut: My Medical check didn't go to well. Have a Stent in right leg that is crushed and causing a slow blood flow. Not a big problem just hate to have it opened. They put a small catheter in the left upper arm, run a small wire with a type of balloon (not the big kind we are talking about) and when they get to the Stent a small puff of air goes and the Stent again opens. The Doctor asks if I
  14. Ma'am I tried that and things that and all he things that Andvari suggested. That didn't help as it will not do as I hoped it would. So old smart me?decided to go back to square one and do something else. So I did a restore back to where I was just after he Ghost. Once done, the world exploded inside Hy PC. Current is won't : Start; Safe Mode: with a recovery disk in the CD; or will it start with a Repair d*** that came with the Unit. In summary it just won't!!!!! I having to have some Medical work out of the area today and possible tomorrow. Will report back on how much noise
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