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  1. windows xp pro or home, i would probably go with pro
  2. i just bought a cheap mobo and i was thinking if it can be turned into a budget gaming rig or so. http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?modelmen...l3=345&l4=0 and i was thinking of buying a amd 5400 or maybe a 6000 (89 watts) and a XFX geforce 8600gt xxx . a 256 over clocked video card. just want too play crisis or call of duty 4 on medium settings or if possible on full. wondering if my mobo can handle the amd processor and video card. and idea on what is the closest thing i can buy to turn it into a budget rig ? and maybe a 500-1 terabyte harddrive ? will it handle it.
  3. my mothers friend gave me a laptop to fix, there is a problem. she said i want the pictures but i cant login, so after the pictures i can clean install xp , but cant login when i login, it auto-logout, i tried all i know but nothing, recovery console i tried that, but its a headache for me. even in safe mode, it wouldnt work, the same thing happens.
  4. i converted from avira to nod32 and i says its being a smooth ride since i switched. not a single outbreak and easy on my acer laptop, very easy on the ram and updates automatically. with firefox, adware, spybot, pc never had a problem since i had it =)
  5. well i'm on my acer laptop i turned it xp and it was faster no more waiting 1-2 minutes to load now, now 15-20 seconds. thank you for your help mudd all i did was downgrade the intel motherboard 7 + version to 6 + and everthing worked well so all i need now is another 512 or 1gb ram and i'm pretty much happy also partioned another section for backup incase i have to resinstall an go through all the pain and time to fix it again, thank you piriform forums for teaching me about partioning also
  6. thank you for your advice. I'm gonna try it soon. backup and make restore default disc in partion 2 and on cd's so I'm nervous to turn it to xp, but its better then vista so just save the fine the drivers by name and save it on my sd card or paration 2 also so wish me luck on upgrading to xp. can't i believe i got downgraded to vista and also learning on how to restore from a partion. but not yet reinstalling yet, I'm moving to another house to no connection, but thanks for the advice. so keep you posted on my situation love this site now, so friendly and very helpful, i recommended to many people
  7. i bought an acer 3690 and it has 512 ddr2 ram and vista home basic. 80 gb hard drive, 33 gb for vista and 33 for data and other is hidden partion I'm new to the whole acer movement and moving to another brand thing so i am lost. i want to to turn it back tp xp instead of vista. but incase i mess up, does the acer default factory cd installs it back to basic home ? and any acer users who know if the drivers will work for xp also. and reinstall e recovery program also and i also don't have an home vista basic cd also. so why i want too know if the default factory cd will turn it back into vista if i mess up and not tech wise sorry guys ^^; can a laptop cd-r burner be upgraded to a dvd burner ?
  8. i need advice/help so here it is. my aunt's hard drive won't reboot to a fresh copy of xp home. i tried it at her home, when i restart and f12 boot to cd. nothing. says auto detect failure, doesnt reboot, then formated the hard drive [western digital] and i tried another IDE cable and nothing. same problem. i use to format and installs smoothly now it gives me this problem. in bios i set the settings to auto detect and both my cd/dvd drives are plugged in an detected and now i tried to reboot my aunts and my hard drive on my pc. and now it gives me the auto detect failure when i boot up with the cd. but xp home turns on as usual. it worked before i switched my hard drive and 1st ide cable. switched back to the 1st ide cable won't turn on, switched to the 2nd ide cable and it works. but not my aunts hd. so how do i fix the auto detect failure. so that i could reboot her hard drive.
  9. thanks for the site to the scanner, tried it an got rid of 2 viruses before that avira didn't seem to picked up the viruses, and it was up to date.
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