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  1. Well Thomas you can create a log.txt file of all the actions and files it has removed. After you do an Analyze or Run Cleaner you can right-click on the results and select Save to text file...
  2. Well if you have your own WinXP Pro CD then just do a format and a fresh install of the CD. That should remove any bits that were left behind by the Home install.
  3. Note really related to this problem Dennis but I had a Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB modem when I first tried Broadband 5 years ago and it was a pain in the backside. Any large downloads and it would switch off. If you Google about this modem you'll see that the current draw is over 500ma which is more that the USB feeds. I contacted my ISP about this problem ans they gave a a few suggestions and downloads to fix it but it didn't. They had a different model of modem but they wouldn't give one so I cancelled the Broadband.
  4. My desktop is a 500GB Seagate Barracuda ST3500418AS (SATA) it doesn't show the speed but if you Google it its 7200rpm.
  5. Yes Hazel I'm sure you are right. I think users should post their basic system spec, operating system with service pack number, browsers etc in there signature. It will save asking particular questions have you got this or do you use that?
  6. The laptop shows RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute: 5400 RPM with 8 MB cache (Mobile) but the desktop doesn't show any speed.
  7. PiriForm apps haven't used Visual Basic for years Hazel.
  8. Welcome to Piriform joealternate. You can download any version of Speccy here, I'm surprised that no ones has told you this?
  9. Well I dont have a problem on WinXP SP3 or Vista Home Premium it shows the proper spec within reason.
  10. I've reported a similar thing before. My Vista laptop is a SATA but it shows 156.29GB Western Digital WDC WD1600BEVS-22RST0 (IDE) But my desktop is a SATA and it shows SATA.
  11. You know I've never noticed that pear for the updates I've sometimes clicked the Check for updates... link in the bottom right. If you have the Check for updates ticked in Options\Settings it does it for you automatically. The pear works for me. What operating system are you using?
  12. I have South Bridge ATi SB700\710\750 drivers installed and mine is overclocked but my CPU only runs at 48C and the hard drive at 29C. My laptop runs at 70C and I have to have the fan switched on most of the time. Speccy found that for me as it used to restart when it gets too hot.
  13. Yes it came out 3 days ago great little app. I use Avast 5.0 and that has anti-malware built in so I hardly need to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  14. I've mensioned this a while ago but this new version still shows the hard drive on my Vista laptop as IDE when its a SATA. I see they have added the INI option but there isn't any important info in there as there is with CCleaner.
  15. What another thing I hate if you click on a link it opens in the same window not a new one. I know you you can right-click and open in a new windows or new tab but you shouldn't have too.
  16. I'm afraid I don't like the new forum layout. The new posts has moved from the top to the bottom as well. You have to go back to the main page to click it again.
  17. Speccy doesn't do anything with programs it just shows system spec. If you get "access denied" under "Graphics" then your not running as an admin.
  18. Maybe so in your case but I was just commenting on your first post that all.
  19. Thats ok Boazel I know the search facility on here isn't that good but you got there in the end.
  20. I've noticed that when I see the announcement of a newer version on here I open the app just to check the version number. Now CCleaner and Recuva say there is a newer version but Defraggler doesn't even though Automatically check for updates to Defraggler is ticked in Options.
  21. Well change your CMOS battery polish_pumkinz.
  22. Well the easiest way is to open CCleaner and click on Options\Advanced and if you don't have the Save all settings to INI file ticked then tick it. Close CC and goto the CCleaner folder and copy the ccleaner.ini file to another medium. Install CC on your other computer and remove the tick from Run CCleaner after its installed and finish. Then copy the ccleaner.ini of the medium to the new CCleaner folder. All the original Settings, Cookies will be saved.
  23. Yes and I'm saying it doesn't run properly without admin rights.
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