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  1. I think you'll find that v2.18 is the last version to show everything removed in the results screen. I know because I only used that version for a long while because I didn't like the results options in the newer ones. This as been mensioned before but we are still sticking with the newer results window.
  2. Ok marmite I've tried the portable versions of Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy on my computer at work and you still need admin rights to use them. I'm afraid you're suggestion doesn't work these aren't standalone, we still need proper standalone versions of these apps.
  3. Lucky10

    damn Mcafee

    Depending of which version of McAfee you are using there is an uninstaller you can download from McAfee because the default uninstaller doesn't always work as it should do, Google it.
  4. Thanks marmite I will try them out.
  5. I think he means just a standalone exe like the first version was. You can't use it fully if you don't have admin rights to install. Yes I would agree with al fon's statement. Along with Defraggler and Recuva.
  6. Well if nothing else its more graphical than the Windows defrag rather than just colours lines. Plus you get a list of files that need defragging and a good countdown when its done. The only thing I don't like about Defragger is it shows the drive map with the coloured blocks and the red ones need defragging. After its finished there are loads of red blocks left. To me thats saying it still needs defragging. The other thing is it doesn't move all files up to the front of the drive as all WinNT systems do, its still like a cullendar.
  7. Lucky10

    Avast 5

    You don't need to download updates for Avast 5 Hazel. Just open the icon on your desktop. Click on Maintenance and it shows the Current version: being used 5.0.418. If you want to see if there is another update available just click the Update program link. You can also click on the Settings spanner in the top right and click on Updates you can select Automatic updates for both Engine and Virus definitions and Program. You can pick a tick the box for My Computer is permanently connected to the internet so it will do the updates automatically.
  8. This fact was reported on the first version of Speccy (do a search) but nothing has been changed yet.
  9. Well I have WinME on my spare machine I haven't tried the newest version but the last version worked ok. Its still supported according to What operating systems does CCleaner work with?
  10. My Seagate 500GB SATA shows as a SATA on my desktop.
  11. I have Cool 'n' Quiet installed it checks my system ok.
  12. I've just installed Speccy 1.00.108 Beta and I gave it a run. Now the last version 1.00.089 Beta showed my hard drive as 160GB Western Digital WDC WD1600BEVS-22RST0 (IDE). This version shows the same details but my drive is a SATA.
  13. Why a low level format? A full format will check your drive for errors/bad segments and mark it as bad so you can't put files there. What are you using to create these partitions?
  14. Well it maybe just a simple think but if your wireless connection has stopped just check thats its not switched off? My laptop a couple of weeks ago work one day but the next day no wireless connection. As I packed it away I must have caught the wireless switch. If it did work then it should work again.
  15. I notice on FileHippo is says langauges en-US, es-ES, ja-JP, pl-PL which presume that means English, Spanish, Japanese and Polish. CC includeds 40 other languages. Who gives this info to FileHippo? Degraggler and Recuva both show en-US only but they both support the 40 other languages. Keep up the good work MrG
  16. Lucky10

    speccy vs siw

    Lavalys Everest shows the same info as SIW but I think you have to pay for the full version. Unless you know what you are doing. It supposed to create a report file in either txt or HTML but it takes that long on my Vista that it crashes Windows.
  17. Lucky10

    Avast 5

    Yes you can do that on WinXP as well. The same goes for v4.8. I use the custom installation option and I never have the email scan. If I don't know where the email comes from it gets deleted.
  18. Lucky10

    speccy vs siw

    Yes SIW gives a lot more info I've had it for a long long time. Software Operating System Updates System Directories Installed Programs Installed Applications Licences System Files Accessibility Environment Regional Settings File Associations Running Processes Loaded DLLs Drivers NT Services NT Pipes Autorun Scheduled Tasks Databases Audio and Video Codecs Shared DLLs ActiveX Open Files Groups and Users Protected Files Secrets Hardware System Info Motherboard Sensors BIOS CPU Info Devices PCI System Slots Network Cards Memory Video Storage Devices Logical Disks Ports Battery Printers Network Network Information Extra Info Neighborhood Scan Open Ports Shares RAS Connections My Network Places Search Network Neighborhood Operating System - Speccy shows 32bit CPU - Speccy shows same info RAM - Speccy shows same info Motherboard - Speccy shows same info Graphics - Speccy shows same info Hard Drives - Speccy shows same info Optical Drives - Speccy shows same info Audio - SIW doesn't really show it as a device, PCI or what ever SIW does show a lot more info though. SIW saves the info to an HTML file, come on Speccy.
  19. That is bull Nergal. You don't need admin rights to read from the registry only write to it. I make programs so I know it works.
  20. On my computer at work. How come if you run 1.00.066 Beta it says you need admin rights to use display info but it shows the correct info in each section. If you run 1.00.089 Beta you get the same message on startup but the Graphics say Access Denied? The only app you can use without admin rights is CCleaner, its a shame.
  21. Lucky10

    Avast 5

    I like the new feature of 5 when you do a full drive scan. 4.8 used to stop at everything that was suspect with the option to Move, Repair or Delete. Now I've never known Avast to repair anything, McAfee does. Now it does a full scan and shows the Results page afterwards where you can see the info. But in the Results page you can't really select certain files to move, repair or delete, its all or nothing.
  22. So are you using C++? I've done a search on my programming forums and not much comes back. You could have a read of Getting CPU temp Obtaining Temperature Probe Information using WMI Win32_TemperatureProbe Class
  23. Well if you click on Help/Drive Map Legend it will tell you what they mean.
  24. Lucky10

    Avast 5

    I updated to Avast 5 a couple of days ago. I'm not sure that I like it as it doesn't have the same control as 4.8. On 4.8 you can set you scan preferences e.e. archive file, how deep you want to scan. I'm not happy with the WinZip or WinRAR archive files Andavari. After it does a scan on 4.8 I like to see a brief report of what it has scanned rather that just ending. 5.0 does this so I don't need to change that part. The progress bar is a nice feature then you know how much of the group its done. I will try it for a week or so, if I'm not happy then 4.8 will go back.
  25. All Pirform apps are made using C++. Why do you ask?
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