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  1. Well it my depend on what this new drive is, SATA or IDE. You won't install Windows from a floppy drive as such. My laptop has a SATA drive with Vista on it. I decided to install WinXP but when the CD runs it says it can't find the drive. I have a SATA drive on my desktop and WinXP goes on there without any problem. I believe there are floppy drivers made by the manuafcturer. When you install WinXP it says press either F2 or F6 to install thrid party drivers but I searched for them and never found any. I'm presuming your Win7 is on a CD? What happens when you try to install?
  2. Of course you can. What do you this the Stop button means? It never does a full defrag on my Vista Home Premium.
  3. Yes you can use it on any computer that the flash drive is plugged into.
  4. Lucky10

    Commercial Use

    There isn't a portable version. Speccy will run from a flash pen it isn't that big. Dennis's link to the portable is exactly the same size.
  5. Your biggest problem I would say is your RAM as 224MB will only just run the basics of WinXP. You are going to need at least 500MB. If your only using this computer to play internet games then I think your going to struggle. Kids today don't like to wait for anything so if it can't run their games satisfactory then you will get complaints of them. You haven't said what processor speed you are running? I would have stuck with Win98SE or WinME depending what was installed before. I run Win98SE on a 10 year old computer with three times more memory than that. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear!! I would recommend Avast and Malwarebytes. Good luck with your project.
  6. Well you can include any folder you want to if you click on Options/Include and add the folder plus make sure *.* is in the blank textbox at the bottom if you want all files cleaning. The same goes for the Exclude button.
  7. Thanks guys but I don't care where the file is or what folder its in if its showing red then it needs defragging. I don't see why I have the exclude C:\System Volume Information its part of the restore file system. I know its difficult to read what is in there but defraggler moves these files around.
  8. Hi Richard. After I Analyze and click the "View Files" button there are only 8 files listed, I select all and do a Defrag Checked it says Defrag Complete, No files were defragmented. Well if the red blocks aren't helpful why are they there?
  9. I've been using Defraggler for a few months and its worked ok on my desktop WinXP SP3 without a problem. I've recently had a laptop with Vista Home Premium and the lastest version 1.16.165 (the last two version did this as well) after a while it shuts down the computer. I restart and defrag again and after about 20 minutes it shuts down again. Now I don't sit and watch it at I have other things to do but I come back every 5 or 10 minutes and its still running but the next time I come back its shut down again. I've ran it with /debug but that doesn't show anything. Now this morning I decided to sit there and watch what is happening. It appears to defrag ok but after its finished (see attachment) half the drive is still showing the red blocks which are defragmented, it still says 42% defragmented. How can I make it defrag all the drive? Now going back to the old defrags in DOS and Win9x/ME it used to move all files to the top of the drive but as you can see from the picture half the files are half way down the drive. How can I get them all at the top? Another little point I don't like on the newer versions is the colour of the drive pie chart, I much prefer the older type. All the Piriform products are good I'm not knocking that, keep up the good work.
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