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  1. Hi, It would be very useful and would also ease the users' work if there would be standalone version of SPECCY.Those programs run fast, occupy less memory, can use less CPU... Please consider this. Thanks, Al Fon
  2. no, it's not. I didn't install the KKS on my system, naturally...and will not till this problem occurs. if ccleaner does this in the KKS Type Library, well, then other similar programs may do the same with KKS. viktor
  3. Hello, This is primarily for the CCleaner Developer Team but if anybody else have similar problem, please join this topic. I purchased and installed Kaspersky KryptoStorage (KKS) on my pc. When I ran the CCleaner, the program deletes all KKS "Type Library" registry files. So, I re-installed it and triple checked the possibilities whether it's really the CCleaner. ...well, it is. Temporarily, I managed to solve the problem and placed the KKS Type Library files in the exclude list. It's evident that it can't stay like that as I want to use a volume encryption program. This solution isn't safe at all. I posted screenshots about the list. I ask the CCleaner Team to improve the CCleaner software in order to NOT put the KKS files as Missing TypeLib References, if it's possible. Welcome anybody who can help in this.
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