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  1. I am confused. I have recently purchased an HP Pavillion desktop tower loaded with Windows 7 64bit OS. I am getting conflicting reports to my question, should I defrag my Win. 7? I get information that Windows 7 is an SSD and they defrag themselves automatically with a program called Trim. I get information that defragging can actually harm an SSD system. Then I read that not all Windows 7 systems are set up to enable Trim even though they support it. I am not a sophisticated enough user to understand everything I am reading. On Vista I always ran a morning "quick" defrag once a day and I never had any problems. Do I or do I not defrag Windows 7? I need a solid, "basic" answer. Thank you and I appreciate your time, YB
  2. Thank you! I was under the impression that Ccleaner does a more thorough job than my emptying the box myself or with the mail program's setting. Perhaps I was mistaken and never really needed to do it through Ccleaner to begin with. I appreciate your info - again, thanks!
  3. My motherboard blew - system 6 years old - so, bought new one. Had to reload Ccleaner. I used to have a way of telling the program to automatically clean my "Deleted" box, but I have forgotten what that was. I remember putting something in the "included" box so that the program would just clean it out along with everything else - that was with Windows Mail. Now I am using Win. 7 and Windows Live Mail. Anyone remember how I do this/did this? I appreciate your time and trouble. Thanks! YB
  4. Thank you Winnapp2. Sounds like good advice - I shall follow it! Youngbear
  5. Hello: I just downloaded and successfully used CCleaner v4. I have a question about a new item, "Find Files." I used this function and it found about 16 sets of what are supposed to be duplicate files; however, while these files are created on the same date and at the exact same time, one of the files may end in "fail" or "/f" while the other ends in "/e"- IE there may be one letter different between the two files in the pair. How do I know which file is safe to delete or if any of the files are safe to delete? Thank you, Youngbear
  6. I have previously used all of the Rucuva updates for the last two years or so. Each morning I run a search for deleted files and I run a single-pass overwrite for privacy. The entire process takes between 5 and 7 minutes. My current update was 143.623 Yesterday, I updated with Recuva 143.778, It searched and found the files very quickly (about 10 seconds); however, it took over 2 hours to overwrite the files! I don't have the time for this activity. I need to get back my previous update of 143.623. I found the list of versions and my previous version is on the list; however, I do not find a way to download that. I depend on this program so I await your answer of how to download and re-establish the previous version ASAP and I appreciate your time. Please, this is important to me. Thanks so much, Youngbear
  7. Dear Piriform Team: It has been a long time since I have been to your site and it looks much different than in the past. I could not find a forum that sounded like a fit for my question, so, I posted it under most of the forums that I could find (like throwing mud against the wall) to see if I could get an answer to the question. I did not mean to offend anyone or take advantage in any way. You gave me a swift answer (and a correct one, as it turns out, to my question and I thank you very much!!! Once again, I am sorry if I have caused any problems. I do not use your site very often, but I do value your work. Thank you so much! Youngbear Roth
  8. Found the following two programs listed under my Startup / ScheduledTasks CC Cleaner tab and don't know what they are or what I should do - keep enabled or disabled or delete? IHSelfDeleteTASK IHUninstallTrackingTASK Do you require the rest of the information on these lines to anwer my query? Thank you so much! YB
  9. Hello! I dig Recuva - it's great! However, I have a question. When I use its overwriting feature (set to Gutman 35 passes)it usually works very smooth and fast. Although, if the file - volume information - is on the list, I find it is so large that Recuva takes forever to overwrite it. I have begun to uncheck that file from my list if I see it. For simple house-keeping purposes, is there any reason I should overwrite it? Could a large file like that (I don't actually know what "volume" means or includes)cause me computing problems or might it be a security problem were I to get rid of my computer or get hacked into? My OP is Win Vista Home Premium SP2. Compaq Presario 5110f. For a once a week cleanup I use CCleaner and Recuva and I defrag using the Windows OE defrag program. Thank you for your time and trouble , Youngbear
  10. Hello CCleaner/Piriform: I have been using and updating my CCleaner and Recuva software programs for about six months; I am very pleased with the programs and highly reccomend them and your company to anyone who asks - you have my loyalty. However, registry work is very touchy - especially for an intermediate user with a lot to learn! I have used the registry cleaning portion of the program numerous times without any problems, but when it recently reported back a missing MUI Reference that I did not understand on another program (PC-Doctor) that I use regularly I decided to check into it before hitting the fix button. I checked in with your forum (where I have learned much in the past), although this time I did not receive an answer that I was comfortable with. I have dug a little deeper and checked with the program mfg in question (PC-Doctor) and received the answer below. The way it shakes out, I have decided to leave the entries in the registry in the spirit of "If it works, don't fix it." At this time my system is working spot on. I do not know if this issue is of any importance to your CCleaner team or to any of the many forum members you have. I do know that your team has obviously put in a great deal of intense labor to bring to market an excellent product, and your forum members have always been forthcoming with their time and knowledge. I felt compelled to respond by taking the time to share my insignificant gain/decision with you. Best always, YB Using CCleaner to check for register errors. When it checks MUI Cache it wants to delete PC-Doctor keys: Missing MUI Reference @C:\ProgramData\PC-Doctor for Windows\startmenu\bundle.dll.mui,-201 HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache Missing MUI Reference @C:\ProgramData\PC-Doctor for Windows\startmenu\bundle.dll.mui,-202 HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache I do not want to delete any of your information from my register without checking with you first. I have an icon on my start menu for your software and use it monthly - so, as far as I can understand there is nothing missing and I feel that my register cleaning program may be giving me some false info. I will not act until I hear from you. I.E. - I am asking you if the information on PC-Doctor above belongs in my register and should not be deleted? Thank you for your time, YB Answer: Since neither PC-Doctor nor HP can guarantee functionality of the product or support changes such as are suggested in the email, I would suggest leaving the registry entries intact. If you have any additional questions please respond to this email.
  11. Thanks for your input Norel! I have now heard twice that I can access Windows Defrag via the command line. I don't know what that means or how to do that. I simply click the icon. I am very simple minded though I can follow instructions if someone gives me them. I understand that at the command line I can set the parameters of my drfrag program - which is what I am after, so that I can make a meaningful comparrison between Defraggler and Win Defrag. Again, Thank you! YB
  12. Hello, Lucky! Thank you for your consice answer. Your comments about the left-over red blocks and the fact that the program does not move the files up to the front is information for me to consider before I download; it sounds like the Windows system defrag is still my best bet at this time. I was searching around because as you may know, sometime ago Windows redesigned their defrag program and took away the ability for end users to set certain parameters within the program. I am a creature of habit and was used to setting those parameters myself - it comes down to a trust issue with something I can no longer see or control. Your friend, YB
  13. Hello Folks! I have not yet downloaded Defraggler. I am not a sophisticated computer user - I would say "intermediate" in my knowledge level. Would someone out there give me the pros and cons of using Defraggler instead of the Windows defrag that came bundled with my system? My system currently takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to defrag using the Windows defrag. I have Vista/Home Premium/32. I am very pleased with my current system performance, but always looking for an improvement! Thank you for your time, YB
  14. Hello All! Me again. Upgraded yesterday to 2.28 and when I ran the reg clean function it found about six or seven items that the old program - 2.27 - did not find. I let the cleaner do its thing and all is fine with my system. However, one item kept coming back: Missing MUI Reference @C:\ProgramData\PC-Doctor for Windows\startmenu\bundle.dll.mui,201 HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings \Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache I decided to untick the MUI Cache selection box and run another scan. As I suspected, nothing came up. I ran my PC Doctor using the shortcut icon from my startmenu bar and performed a few basic diagnostic tests - wll went well. I do not remember if 2.27 had this MUI Cache selection box ticked. IS IT AN IMPORTANT BOX TO HAVE TICKED? I know what MUI is (user interface), but do not exactly understand what a MUI Reference is. If it means there is no icon on the start menu bar, then I have found a glitch in the reg clean function, becasue there is an icon on the start menu bar, I use it once a month. So, to tick or not to tick, that is my question! YB
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