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  1. No it doesn't properly. I've taken it to work and it shows an admin messagebox on startup then you get Access denied on the Graphics.
  2. Lucky10

    Speccy suggestion

    If you want to make it closer to Everest then buy Everest, Speccy it free.
  3. Well thats sounds a bit confusing. CC doesn't clean anything as such it just deletes them. If you have these images in a specfic folder you can add this folder to the cleaning process in Options/Include. Where are these files? There are different settings to delete these files in Options/Settings. If some of these jpg's haven't been deleted can you still see them? Recuva only finds files that have been deleted not files that are still there.
  4. There is a temperature gauge fo the CPU.
  5. Are you talking about installing or running? I have WinXP and Vista and they both work at they should do but if I take the exe to work you get the admin message and it shows all values apart from the later version which says Graphics - Access is denied, but the earlier version showed info there.
  6. But was that a full scan with Malwarebytes? I'm not sure if a quick scan does the registry. I had this same problem a while ago with any web search engines not just Google. MBAM found the corupt site it in the registry and its been ok ever since.
  7. Yes I just started my laptop up and run my Malwarebytes on my desktop and it updated but it didn't ask for a restart as my WinXP did. I didn't restart XP I just used CC to remove Malwarebytes from startup again, I don't want it in silent mode as Avast always picks up any website with Malware on it. I see its on FileHippo today.
  8. Hi guys/gals. I've just updated my Malwarebytes and it said downwloading and installing newer version. 1.44 as gone up to 1.45 so it was released today, I've checked on FileHippo and they still show 1.44. Update your database and it will download.
  9. Why should IE users have to download yours when MrT downloads amd opens perfectly using IE? I know there have been problems in the past with IE downloads but I haven't had that problem for a while.
  10. Speccy does minimize to the task bar what do you think the minimize button does? Overheating can be a problem for a laptop. Mine will shutdown if it get too hot. It has a seperate fan switch but it doesn't switch on automatically when it gets too warm.
  11. No we have had this discussion before marmite you can't put Speccy.exe on a flash drive and run it, it has to be installed and run with admin rights.
  12. Ok then what options would you like to see in there? Only show CPU, Hard Drives It does save the window sizes and temperature units in the registry.
  13. Lucky10

    avast 5

    Well the best program that I've found for showing all apps that are running apart from Task Manager is Process Explorer 12.0 you can delete any app you want too.
  14. No version of Speccy saves an ini as the other apps do.
  15. Lucky10

    avast 5

    Yes as Eli says he and I didn't have a problem installing over 4.8. It was automatically uninstall 4.8 as 5 went in. I've done that on a few machine without any problem.
  16. Lucky10

    avast 5

    If you've been using Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1368 before and you registered it then download Avast! Free Antivirus 5.0.377 which is the first version 5 made. Because your 4.8 was registered the registration carries on. After its up and running click on your desktop icon and click on Maintenance and Update. If you click on Update program it will download an install the latest version automatically. If you click on the Settings Spanner in the top right and click on select Automatic on both Engine and Virus Definitions and Program. You can put a tick in the My computer is permanently connected to the Internet box. Now the best thing that I've found with 5 is when you did a full drive scan with 4.8 if it found a threat is would stop and ask what do you want to do move it, clean it or delete it. This was a bit of a pain as you had to keep going back to see what was happeing. With v5 it records all it finds then you can look at the results list to see what file and location then you select what you want to to do with them. Now the only problem with this is which ever option you select applies to all files which can be a pain if you what to delete some, clean some or ignore some.
  17. I've noticed when I open the new Speccy on my Vista laptop I get an Internet Explorer error This page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue? Yes or No which ever I press Speccy still shows as normal. Oh by the way before you ask, yes I have done a full malware and anti-spyware scan and nothing is picked up.
  18. Like all Piriform apps they are made with C++.
  19. Yes the new 1.00.125 Beta still shows the drive on my Vista laptop as IDE when its a SATA, I haven't mensioned this before.
  20. Yes I see your problem. CPU-Z shows true speed.
  21. It depends on the processor. My WinXP desktop doesn't show it but my Vista laptop does. You can actually get this from the registry, I do in the apps I make. The ProcessorNameString shows the processor and speed. Vista: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0\ProcessorNameString
  22. Well I've used Defraggler since 1.11.148 on WinXP 32bit. System Requirements Runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. and its always worked for me. Where are you downloading it from? http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/download or http://www.filehippo.com/download_defraggler/tech/
  23. I've never had any problem downloading and installing any Piriform app from FileHippo. Is that the only virus checker you use?
  24. Yes you are right I apologise. There are them many version numbers you loose track of what does what.
  25. Yes I've read that topic fireryone but where I work some computers can install what they want too and some can't. CCleaner will run a a standalone why can't the other apps? None of them do any particular damage. Defraggler just defrags a particular drive. Recuva just recovers deleted files. What is so sinister about those? Its actually al fon thats asking about standalone and he hasn't been back since.
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