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  1. The purpose of this thread was more just to mention that Steam now distributes software titles (though I realize that point probably didn't come off very well), but for how often Piriform updates its software I'd rather just let Steam handle that for me.
  2. Any chance to see Piriform's apps on Steam? =P
  3. I just used it and none of my bookmarks appear to be missing.
  4. If there was a way to disable certain features, I would have done it. I was thinking of going through and just deleting things leftover for different things that we generally advise against (auto-start with windows, creating desktop icon, etc.). Also, I asked Safer Networking if they'd be willing to work with the portable version so it would support Firefox Portable, etc. but they didn't seem interested. =\ (I'm the Spybot Portable dev, btw). EDIT: For those of you running into portability issues, would you mind posting on the PA.c forum so I can keep track of any of its issues?
  5. While I haven't chceked if it still leaves stuff in the registry, they added the ability to save to an .ini file in the latest version (though they did it in a way different from their other programs for some reason).
  6. Yes, it does. I'm not arguing what features work and what don't, I'm saying (for the third time now) that it *runs* without admin on XP and 2000, but doesn't run *at all* without admin on Vista and 7.
  7. Running. On Vista and 7, Speccy doesn't load at all without admin rights. It does load without admin rights in XP (and I think 2000), however. I'm wondering if this is intentional, or if it could be fixed.
  8. Speccy seems to work fine in 2000 and XP without admin (minus some features), but it doesn't even load in Vista and 7 without admin. Is this a bug with Speccy, or can Speccy not run without admin on Vista and 7?
  9. Well, I certainly *could* just add registry key backup to the launcher to make it adhere to PA.c's standards, but why bother when I can just ask Piriform to update it to be consistent with the portable builds of their other apps? As far as PA.c goes, nothing gets left behind and settings ought to be backed up for use with any computer without having to re-apply them.
  10. Hence, not portable. Indeed they do. I help develop portable applications for PortableApps.com, and one of the other users has already created (still-in-development) launchers for the other three Piriform apps. This is also why I ask regarding the way Speccy saves its settings, it'd be a lot easier to create a launcher for it if I didn't have to back up the settings from the registry. Indeed as well, which very well might be why it's not actually portable yet. However, the purpose of a beta is to provide constructive criticism.
  11. Saving to the registry makes it not portable. The portable builds (not U3, but the ones in the .zip files) for the other programs (CCleaner, etc.) do not save to the registry, but rather to a settings.ini file. That is for what I am asking. If you launch Speccy portable from a flash drive on another computer while it saves to the registry, the settings get left behind on that computer leaving clutter and the settings will have to be reapplied when using on another computer. And for the record, U3 is a dead format as far as I'm concerned (PortableApps.com ftw).
  12. That's the point of my thread... Nothing to do with the installed version.
  13. The "portable" version of Speccy does not save to an .ini, but instead saves its settings in the registry.
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