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  1. 1. Release a suite for PC Maintenace&TuneUp based on CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva & Speccy. 2. Make software utility for precise Windows Tuning with ability to import/export windows settings profile. 3. Make software utility for software update mantenance. 4. Make software utility for backup & synchronization files.
  2. 1. It will be great if CCleaner will work as Windows Service that will clean Windows&Registry every time I shut down PC. 2. Relocate(move) search field in uninstaller section, because for the moment this field is too short. 3. Add ability to clean Installer folder (C:\WINDOWS\Installer)
  3. Please, add ability to build defragmentation plan, in other words, I want to have ability to defragment all my disks at one click. Let say we have disk C, D, E, F and we want to defragment all of them in automatic way. In current version you can build schedule where you specify that C will be defragment on mondays, В ? tuesdays etc, but this is not so usefull. I suggest to introduce ability to build defragmentation plan like: 1. Disk C: Defragment, Defragment free space, check for the errors 2. Disk D: Defragment, Defragment free space, check for the errors 3. Disk E: Defragment, D
  4. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, because its advanced technologies, very flexible and rich options, usefull & nice UI and speed. I think this is AV, that introduces new technologies every new version and not just update application icon and change color scheme from white&yellow to black&yellow.
  5. It will be great to place drive map legent close to status and properties in main window that we could see any time we need it and not go to Help section.
  6. touki

    Speccy suggestion

    It would be great if Speccy will show cd-keys of installed software, at least Microsoft's software, exactely as Everest does. Also, I would like to have ability to see installed Microsoft's updates (aka Windows Update). More detailed information about Network required (such as MAC-address, DNS etc.) Resume: Please, make it more closer to Everest. Thanks.
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