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  1. Hi all, I'm new to these forums so not so sure on what sort of assistance I am going to get here. I've read all forums and have not found anyone to seem to have the same issue as me. I had a laptop that I bought off a friend. It had windows 98 on it. I uploaded windows vista to it and then stupidly lost the disc. Everything was fine for a few months and I realised I had just about had enough with windows vista so I borrowed a Windows Xp home edition from a friend. I uploaded it all the way till the point of inputting the product key. At this point he told me he hasn't got the product key :|. So I had Installed windows xp home without a product key, and Cannot workout how to Basically, get rid of it. I tried loading a Windows xp professional disc ( my own), ( and yes i had the product key for once:) ) But the Windows xp Home edition product key input would not dissapear. That is where I am up to so far. Really looking for some helpful assistance. Thank you all very much in advance. ... _________________
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