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  1. I see that the Flash Player requires "128MB of graphics memory" according to this: https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/flashplayer/tech-specs.html Speccy reports this for the onboard graphics (an older PC): Physical Memory: 64 MB Virtual Memory: 256 MB Does this meet the requirements for Flash Player (not sure which figure I need to use)? Also, what does Virtual Memory actually mean in the context of the GPU?
  2. Speccy gives some cool hard drive stats like "Power on Count" and "Power on Time". Just a couple of questions I have: 1) What keeps track of these figures? Are these figures stored in the hard drive itself (i.e. in a chip), or does Windows monitor them and it is Windows that holds these figures? 2) If the primary hard drive is formatted and Windows is reinstalled, will stats like "Power on Count" and "Power on Time" be reset?
  3. I understand that Windows XP requires at least 15% free on the drive to defragment using the defragmenter that comes with it. Does Defraggler have any similar constraints and if so what are they?
  4. Unfortunately, I get the same incorrect results with Speccy 1.23.569. It looks like there could be a bug where the memory slots are not correctly identified. Anyone else notice this problem?
  5. Hi, My motherboard has 2 memory slots (both full), with 2GB of RAM in total. However, Speccy incorrectly reports this as: Total memory slots: 4 Used memory slots: 2 Free memory slots: 2 I got the same results with Speccy 1.22.536 and 1.20.446. I am using Windows XP SP 3. Any ideas why this happens and could it be fixed? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the update Alan. I will bear this is mind when using CCleaner. If this option relies on the Accessed date stamp though, perhaps the option would be better renamed to "Only delete files in Windows Temp folder not accessed within 24 hours", or similar.
  7. Not really sure about the Accessed date stamp. The option says "Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older than 24 hours". If we are talking about file age, then the Created date would sound more feasible than the Accessed date.
  8. Well, I tried running CCleaner again today and when I did an "Analyse", it did list the files in C:\Documents and Settings\<Name>\Local Settings\Temp.
  9. The files in the folder are several months old (according to created and modified date stamps), so this option should not have any effect. Is there any other reason why CCleaner doesn't delete files in this path? C:\Documents and Settings\<Name>\Local Settings\Temp
  10. Hi, I just wondered if CCleaner should clean this folder on XP? C:\Documents and Settings\<Name>\Local Settings\Temp I assumed CCleaner removed temporary files (if selected), but I looked in the above location and still saw some old files there (Java installers etc.). Thanks.
  11. Newt

    Adobe Acrobat 8.0

    Yes, I do have this key in my registry. However, I do not actually have Adobe Acrobat installed as such.
  12. MS Search Helper Extension doesn't show up in my Firefox extensions, nor anywhere else on my PC.
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