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  1. FlipD9

    CCleaner v3.0

    Oh okay. So running it under Drive Wiper has more options and control. What's the Wipe Free Space's default security wipe?
  2. Thank for the new update. How does the new Boot Time Defrag work? Is it a full process or selected? I ask and it just took little time...
  3. FlipD9

    CCleaner v3.0

    Thank for the new update. Is the new Drive Wiper an improve version of the Wipe Free Space option when running a clean? How is the speed and safety compare to Wipe Free Space when just wiping the free space?
  4. That's odd that it doesn't show the Desktop HDD speed but it does on the Laptop...
  5. Mine are both Desktop type. I haven't tried it on a Laptop yet. Does yours show the speed the HDD is rated at?
  6. FlipD9

    Slim versions

    Sorry, but I was referring to making a portable version of Piriform's applications the old process will still work as I stated in my initial statement?
  7. FlipD9

    Slim versions

    Oh O.K. Thanks for clearing that up. How about my second question, anybody know?
  8. FlipD9

    Slim versions

    What toolbar is it talking about? Will the old process of making a portable version of Piriform's applications still work as I stated in my initial statement? Thank you for the fast reply, FlipD9
  9. First off I would like to say thank you for an awesome application! So I'm using the portable version of Speccy, somehow it's showing the wrong or unknown interface. On my custom computer, it says that my 80GB Seagate HDD is on an IDE interface and my second Seagate 1TB HDD is of an unknown interface. Then on my family's main HP computer, it says that the interface for both Seagate 360 HDD are IDE as well. If I'm not wrong, IDE usually refers to the old PATA or EIDE ribbon interface? It should say that all my HDD are on a SATA interface..? On another note, is Speccy suppose to report what's the RPM your HDD is spec at, 5,400 RPM, 7,200 RPM, 10,000 RPM, 15,000 RPM..? If it is, I don't see it anywhere... Thank you for your time, FlipD9
  10. FlipD9

    Slim versions

    I notice that most of the Piriform applications have a slim versions with no toolbar. Could someone help me understand what does that mean with no toolbar and how the slim versions differ from the regular application? On another note, there's also the portable version you can download now. In the past I just copy the folder in my Program folder to my USB drive for a portable version of any Piriform applications, is this still true today even though there's a portable version you can download? What's the U3 version and how do I know if my USB is one? Thank you for your time, FlipD9
  11. Yeah, I'm on XP and I used it but my computer restarted as a Windows Update was installed that required a restart. After the restart, the Temp files from Eraser was still there and I just deleted them. Used CCleaner to clear them from my computer. After reading some post here, someone pointed out that wiping free space too much will result in shorting your hard drive life. So I think I'll just stick with CCleaner as it's not as aggressive as Eraser.
  12. Oh. Thanks for the help nonetheless.
  13. Oh. Is CCleaner also limited to those same limitation as Recuva with Wipe Free Space. I was going to comment about Eraser as well. Do you have any experience with it? Any precaution or tips?
  14. When I run Recuva, there are still files that are not overwritten even when I used Recuva's own method. I was just wondering if having a more secure deletion for Wipe Free Space will completely erase those files from your drive?
  15. Really? That doesn't do much for securely deleting previous deletes from not using CCleaner, it just makes files unrecoverable. I understand that it would take longer but an option where to permanently erase any traces of a file, even when using Recuva or any similar software, would be nice. Or would Recuva cover that part of phase as it's a recovery tool. I haven't really played with it much and don't know if it has a Secure Delete option for previously deleted files.
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