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  1. This might probably interest someone having similar problems. I followed the advice given above and re-installed Internet Explore 8 after which I took out FireFox - everything suddenly started working again like magic. This event was not directly related to CCleaner of course but some of the initial problems first became aparent when I tried to update CCleaner and it wouldn't: neither would any of the links on the CCleaner page work (amongst some others, as it ultimately transpired). Hope this might help others who try the same thing I did. My grateful thanks to all who answered my appeal for help. Peter.
  2. Dear Lucky10 I'm using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Regards Peter P
  3. I've just changed my browser to Firefox. Now I find that the 'Update CCleaner' and all the other places (like the pear in the top right-hand corner) which can be 'clicked' have stopped working. I have deleted and re-installed ccleaner a couple of times and the problem still persists. Have been using the programme for years now without any trouble whatsoever - it's brilliant!. Any ideas about this little problem, folks?
  4. Saturday - 30 June. Attempted to check for CCleaner update and Eset NOD32 virus scanner reported the following: ARCHIVE http://ds.serving-sys.com/BurstingCachedSc...erMain_62_36.js THREAT us/Tivso.14a.gen Trojan I've never had a problem with CCleaner before and wonder if this is what is already being discussed/reported here.
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