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  1. Me too the last release (always slim since years) takes some few seconds before being active in each of my 3 (different) computers
  2. Some one finds it funny or thinks to be clever I had to ban some guys in my forum that registered and slept for months, then one day woke up writing nonsense. Have they reached a goal in their opinion? When I try a soft and I do not like it, (and I actually try many softs, see my signature) I will never think of registering in the forum that supports that soft just to make a complaint It is a fact that if you have to try a soft you should use a bit of brains: time freeze, returnil, stuff like that
  3. Download from here http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds I use this http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/slim
  4. Welcome, 1 of the reasons why it's because you can choose which build to install http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  5. besides the 2 soft should not be compared
  6. That must be related to the athor thewebatom, that is a member of this forum, unluckily now the server is down
  7. Actually Microsoft Add/Remove also has the feature to point out if a soft is used often or rarely but it does not does not match the real frequency of use at all
  8. Yeah, Ident, that's what I meant: since Alan_B fears to lose his links, I replied that the suggestion is to make CC capable to find more broken links, like Reg. Mech. can do that does not mean that it will delete any crap soft like Eusing find a lot of ?errors? and turn the system into a wreck I just mentioned it, because it is known enough, I did not suggest to use it
  9. This is not the way a good cleaner soft works, this is what Eusing Free Registry Cleaner does, for instance, neither CCleaner nor Registry Mechanic clean my links to external units when they are not connected
  10. I agree, that's the best suggestion for CC I vote +1 I actually use Registry Mechanic for this purpose but it is a commercial soft and I got it thanks to a giveaway
  11. Thank you for your work, Ranhiru I will test it and then spread it in Italy
  12. Actually CC only deletes orfan shortcuts on the desktop
  13. I would like to test your good work TheWebAtom, would you host it? though I prefer to decide when to run CC
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