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  1. WInMedia Player and Flash..... Many thanks
  2. sachs

    Slow Firefox

    Beta functioned for me pretty well, but a very close American friend from other forum almost kills me and adviced me to uninstall it inmediately. I think I will install it again for it got very well. What troubles might I have? Sincere regards and thanks.
  3. sachs

    Slow Firefox

    That command doesn't exist apparently in XP Home. Many thanks and regards.
  4. sachs

    Slow Firefox

    I obsessivly clean my Mini and my desk one. I will see. Many thanks and cheers.
  5. sachs

    Slow Firefox

    In my very well maintained MiniCompaq, I started to get a slow Firefox browsing. So, I started to delete every addon; lowing the model up to 3.5 with disabled auto updates. I am using 3.5. The pages charging takes an instant to start and then, stop for another instant almost at the end. I tried Opera that was faster but didn't functoon as I wanted; Chrome didn't like it. I strongly thank any help that's not already in Google, as for example anipulating Firefox Config, that showed to be absolutely unusefull. I am surprised. Many thanks and friendly regards.
  6. I used to receive rather long videos from my kids and grandkids running fluently. So for other ones, just as instructive ones from the web, as how to arrange a humidor, to wash a fountain pen, etc. Someones play perfectly; other ones, no. Audio gets accordingly. I have a perfectly maintained CompaqMini and a desk strong PC. The trouble started about a month ago just in the Netbook. I get 13.8 Mb from router (desk PC has 15.6) Many thanks and cheers.
  7. Cleaning everything with other applicactions and restarting allowed usual fine update installation, Many thanks, cheers and, in some way, sorry.
  8. I have downloaded several times the last update; deleting the file each time, and for the first time, I am waiting the blue column to start filling the white space unsuccessfully. Many thanks and cheers.
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