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  1. I had an idea that would help many users like me. On a new version of Defraggler, put a note on the main page that says that you can click on the tabs (File list, Search, Drive Map) while Defraggler is running. It can take so long to run and often I am sitting there wondering what is on those tabs but I don't want to mess up or stop the Defrag that is partially complete. But I clicked on them and apparently that doesn't stop the Defrag that is in process. So tell users that with a little note on the main screen, maybe next to the word Status or above it?
  2. I have tried to use my cCleaner v2.34.1200 to stop an program called Registry Booster from starting at startup. I have disabled it in my cCleaner - Tools - Startup several times. Then I restart my pc and it just starts Registry Booster and when I open cCleaner, it is shown as Yes (not No) under Enabled. Why is this happening?
  3. I am having difficulties trying to open some old pictures with the extension ABM and I probably opened them in the past. But my cCleaner looks like it removes unused file extension relationships since the 2nd box on the Registry page is checked on Unused File Exensions. But I have some old registry backups dating back to Jan 8 of this year. Would it be advisable to restore those if there might have been other issues dealt with and other programs added since then? And how would I restore to one of those saved registry backups?
  4. Can I have some help learning how to recover or re-use the Registry backups that are stored when I run a Registry scan? I see the cCleaner Registry Backups file in My Docs but I don't know how to use them. Can I try restoring to one or all of them? If I do a restoral and am not happy, can I just restore to the most recent one? If I restore to an old one done before other registry changes/backups, does it just put the Registry back like it was on that day and so you wouldn't need to restore other changes made since then?
  5. Is it OK if applications I don't have are showing on the applications tab? I am specifically wondering why I see Office 2007, Office 97 and Office XP when I only have Office 2003 which is listed and checked. I have unchecked those others
  6. Cool. I am in good shape - it is gone! I found it in regedit > Current User > Software > Safer Networking Limited. I hilited it then clicked Edit > Delete. I restarted the pc and looked in cCleaner in Utilities under Applications and Spybot is gone! Cool
  7. Hi.Thanks. Where do I find this HKCU using regedit? Please teach me more ... I thought I found SpyBot in HKEY Local Machine and deleted it, but after a restart I still see SpyBot listed in the same place in cCleaner Utilities under Applications
  8. I used to have Spybot Search & Destroy. But I don't anymore. But it is still listed in cCleaner in Utilities under Applications. How can I remove it completely so cCleaner doesn't find it either?
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