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  1. Great Will you be able to integrate it with the current forms ?
  2. Awesome I think we should make it kinda official Like make it available on github or codeplex... Or probably sourceforge... Any one can recommend me one?
  3. Here is the updated source code This should work on Visual Studio 2008 with Service Pack 1 http://www.4shared.com/file/Y4AWTRj2/Easy_WinApp2_Creator.html
  4. Let me get the source, check and it and re upload it again
  5. Errors or warnings? Would you mind posting at least some of the errors... Maybe i didn't include a dependency etc :S
  6. Of course, why not Here is the complete source code for it I have being busy with my degree so i couldn't touch it for a while... If people show interest, I can start working on it again Maybe its not the most efficient code so one could optimize it And also something to do is create a wizard like interface for it so a newbie for CCleaner can go step by step and create an entry for CCleaner winapp2... http://www.4shared.com/file/Q3am5GAm/CCleaner_WinApp_Source_Code.html
  7. I guess you do not have the latest Dot Net Framework installed in your PC What Operating System are you using? Did you try re-downloading the file?
  8. Yeah... finding the information isn't that bad... but it already says whether the OS is 64-bit or not But adding the cache to XP and backing up kinda stuff will most probably be ignored because IMHO it is just a system information REPORT tool And i would additionally love to see whether LightScribe is supported or not Kinda stupid because you can see the label in the drive but when you are exporting, it would be nice to see Yes and i agree with the CPU Architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) And apart form that if there is a graphical representation on the RAM it would be great... at a glance we could see how many RAM slots are there, how many RAM slots are filled with RAMs (With what capacity) and which slots are free.... the text is too long to read and would most probably be cryptic for a non-tech...
  9. Ranhiru

    Export Options

    I would love to have more export options for speccy... HTML, TXT and RTF would be brilliant formats to export... And further more if we can choose from a list what areas of system information should be exported, it will be really awesome
  10. I did it in VB .NET And that is an excellent idea!! I should really have a wizard Thanx loadz and loadz for the idea my friend
  11. Thanx a lot for the suggestion! And thanx a loooooooooooot for trying it out!
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