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  1. I have downloaded your CCleaner product and have run it and it has deleted many of my files that were, I repeat, WERE important to me. I say were because they no longer exist because your "award-winning" product has deleted them. I have lost writing documents and many pictures as well as other things. It even deleted downloaded products that I now have to find and download again. If you think that is all I am going to complain about... You are sadly mistaken. I would also like to point out that I had to REGISTER AND ACCOUNT TO COMPLAIN!!! ... I don't know about half of the people that register just to talk about a product, but I do believe that there should be atleast a way to complain without having to REGISTER. Is that so hard to look for in ANY product? If I were to make ANY product, internet or real life, I would make it possible to be anonymous if you want to complain... And that's all you want to do (ie: like regestering). I do not want to waste people's time to make an account just to complain and never use it again, even to check what was said about the complaint. Do you see my annoyance? I have lost many things that were valuable to me in some shape or form... All because of your "award-winning" product... I would be using harsh words if it wasn't for the fact that I am sure it really isn't anyone's fault, just the product. I would atleast like an apology for the fact that I lost some things that cannot be retrieved... And do not blame this on me by saying that "I should have changed the settings" or something like that. I simply want to point out what happened and that is all. Thank you.
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