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  1. what i mean is that how come tuneup cleans the pc better and make it faster then CCleaner ? i tried both and TuneUp cleaner up the pc much better and make it fast much more faster then ccleaner... i hope next upgrade to CCleaner is that they fix it to clean better, when its better cleaned up then the pc will run more faster. bye and good luck with CCleaner.
  2. Hi, i had alot of problems with my new pc and the svchost.exe worked often over 90% and not just that everything went so slowly at my pc even if svchost not worked so high sometimes, so i started CCleaner and cleaned everything and even searched for Registry Problem with CCleaner and i saw a little improvement but still slow and svchost.exe worked 99% high CPU. So i thought i'll test the old version of TuneUp 2008 and after i searched and cleaned with TuneUp 2008 wow i could se 100% improvements at my pc, the speed was so good and my pc did not slow down anymore and the svchost.exe did not worked more 99% but as it should 00%, so my question is: Tuneup is better to scan and to clean and to make the PC go faster and better? has tuneup better technology then CCleaner ? I hope when CCleaner update/upgrade their version till next time it will be better then TuneUp so when i scan and clean with CCleaner i will see much more better improvements then i do now with CCleaner until next update version 2.35 CCleaner?
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