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  1. Here's another shameless plug for the website Tweaking.com. There's a new program out, called Registry Backup. Out of Beta and already in version v1.2.1. http://www.tweaking.com/ Post comments for this program on the Tweaking.com website and NOT here.
  2. Wow. Tried the right click ""clean file cache"" option a number of times. Works like magic. I am definitely going to use it more in the future. I managed to let IE 9 occupy some 1.3 Gb of memory (Win 7) by opening a lot of seperate IE windows (thank you, CM logfile feature). Ran CM, without closing ANY IE 9 window, and memory usage went down to some 200 Mb. So, this is a process that certainly needs to be kept on a short leash. But another mystery remains. After IE9 was curtailed in its memory usage, the CM system tray icon told me that memory usage only gradually came down from 60 - 55% down to about 30 - 35%. Some software is responsible for not releasing memory more rapidly. I fear Adobe's Flash is to blame for this. Because I also opened a website that posts lots of videos. A number of folks on the internet have branded Flash as "bug ridden" and "buggy". And I must admit my experiences with Flash were "not too positive" either. Defraggler is another large memory user. It can occupy some 200 Mb (peak), and some 110 Mb after having analysed my harddisk. CM can cut back the usage back to some 2 Mb.
  3. @Nergal: Using the CM logfile feature you can keep tabs on how much memory Outlook occupies. But then you have to move Outlook from the Advanced Monitor to the ""regular"" cleaning operations. Because the logfile feature isn't triggered by the Advanced Monitor. The logfile feature was very helpful on my XP machine when I needed to determine what the memory usage was of a number of processes.
  4. FYI: My Win 7 laptop has 4 Gb of memory. IE 9 is curtailed in its memory usage when it occupies more than 100 Mb. (checked every 10 minutes). IE 9 needs to be kept on a comparatively short leash, because 1) A process can occupy as much as about 350 Mb (when playing a video) 2) Several IE9 processes can be running at the same time. I also let the file cache to be curtailed when it goes above 150 Mb (checked every 10 minutes). Other processes, except for some programs I regularly use and don't consume too much memory, are curtailed by the regular CM cleaning process (every 15 minutes). Memory usage ranges from 25% up to (rarely) 60% (60% especially when playing videos). Not too bad. Don't know if this is the right setup. I hope this is a good compromise between cleaning everything and cleaning nothing. Time will tell. I'll keep watching the CM system tray icon !!!! BTW: CM v2.4.2 still has a small bug: http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,3089.0.html
  5. Thanks. I changed the CM settings again. Disabled default cleaning of the file cache. I think the advantage is that the CM software won't be removed from the memory and doesn't need to be reloaded from harddisk, can be called upon faster. Used the Advanced Monitor to curtail other processes that can occupy large chunks of memory, e.g. Internet Explorer 9. It has a lousy memory management.
  6. @Nergal: The Advanced Monitor settings work independently from settings that are changed using the CM settings wizard. Since cleaning the file cache seems (!!!!) to slow down Windows I decided to try if an other combo of settings would speed up CM and Windows. And I can do it because I now have 4 Gb of memory. Just a matter of trial and error.
  7. @Andavari: Seems CM needs some optimizing of the filecache cleaning procedure/program code as well. That could be an explanation why I, in about 70% of the cases, need to press the hotkey twice to force CM to do its job (Win 7 & XP). On my XP machine I enabled the filecache option because my XP laptop has only 512 Mb. But on my win 7 laptop (with 4 Gb) I decided today to let CM only clean the file cache when it comes above 150 Mb, using the Advanced Monitor. That requires: - Disable file cache cleaning. - Use the Advanced Monitor to clean the file cache. Since I use Ccleaner and Defraggler every day more than once, I have added both processes to the ""Ignore List"" of CM. I noticed that if those processes are curtailed in their memory usage, both programs need more time to perform their tasks.
  8. Some parts of Windows (software) indeed seem to be very unwilling to release/free up memory. They only reluctantly give back memory. Outlook Express (OE) in XP, after one has compacted the folders, is such an example. Had to press the CM cleaning hot key more than once to persuade OE to release more memory. Very annoying when it occupied 90% of the memory (512 Mb) of my old computer. It seems that Win 7 programs, in this regard, behave much better.
  9. I installed CM on a Hewlett Packard laptop with Win 7 and 4 GB of RAM. Without CM memory usage can go up to about 40 to 45% (in rare occasions 50%) of installed RAM but with CM memory usage goes down to 20 - 30%. @Andavari: can you give some stats on how memory usage has been curtailed ? (using the CM mini monitor). That would be interesting for ""Shane"". You can check what the memory usage is without CM active. 1. Open the CM settings wizard. 2. Disable "Clean system file cache". 3. Choose "Only list" under "Operating mode" and don't add any process to that list. Then you'll get a true reading on how much memory is used under normal circumstances. Then you can compare that with the situation that CM cleans everything.
  10. A question for other CM users. According to CC (v3.19), CM (v2.41) isn't started upon start up using the "normal" startup procedure but using the Task Scheduler. Can anyone verify this, using CC v3.19 ? Start cc v3.19, click on "Tools", "Startup" and see what pops up in both "Windows Startup" or ""Task Scheduler". I currently use Win 7 SP 1 with all the latest updates. See also: http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,3060.0.html
  11. Does anyone know whether the tab with the text "Internet Explorer" shows up (under "Tools") when an user has Firefox, Safari, ..... etc. installed ? Perhaps then that tab is called "Firefox, Safari, ...... etc." ?? Or are then only two tabs displayed ?? This could (!!!) point to the section of the CC program code where CC goes ""off the rails"".
  12. I came across a bug in CC v3.19. It's NOT a fatal error. Click on "tools", "startup". When I have changed the language from e.g. english to dutch then two words don't get translated. It remains in english. I need to close and restart CC to get the text on the tab called "Task Scheduler" translated/replaced with the proper dutch text "Geplande Taken". However, there's another way to get the text "task scheduler" (see above) translated into the new selected language. Click on "System Restore"", "Uninstall" or "Drive Wiper" and then on "Start up" again. Then the text on the tab "Task Scheduler" does get translated.
  13. This error/bug hasn't been fixed in the latest CC version (v3.19).
  14. 1. This is not necessarily a CC bug. Perhaps you installed a program, didn't like it and removed the program. And then the un-install program didn't remove all info from the registry or/and from a folder. CC notices that there is an entry/info (registry ??) but it can't find any additional information and then (a) blank line(s) is/are displayed. Perhaps some information got corrupted ? In that case a re-install of the program could be the solution. 2. Can you determine what the difference is between that task and the other tasks that are (correctly) shown as inactive ? Perhaps one particular box hasn't been ticked that makes the difference ?
  15. Did you install a program lately ? Did these problems occur when you WIN 7 was updated ? If so, then try uninstalling the latest program ? Did you install Adobe's Flash latest version lately ? I know Flash can be ""a pain in the ass"" as well. Since this error occurs when your PC is updated online, try a program called ""Windows Repair"" and (at least) tick that box ""Repair Windows Update"". www.tweaking.com http://www.tweaking.com/content/overview/default.html
  16. Thanks, I'll try it. Perhaps it won't cause high CPU usage any more.
  17. All the newest versions are either Betas or Release Candidates (RC). Seems Adobe knows Flash needs to be (dramatically) improved. Don't know if I am going to install the latest version any time soon. But the Adobe website also said that v11.1 wasn't succesfully installed on my laptop. Ouch. I guess I'll try to re-install v11.1 properly first. @Andavari: Very good idea. The Flash uninstaller should be available at Filehippo as well. But then the 32 bit and 64 bit uninstaller version should merged into one program and that's not the case, according to Adobe. Still some work to be done for Adobe. The wesbite has become (a bit) more user friendly.
  18. Adobe Flash has advanced to version But it still sucks. When I open a folder with one or more *.FLV files in it then Windows (XP) becomes (more) sluggish / less responsive and it takes Windows Explorer (significant) more time to display the content of those (and other) folders. It also takes XP (significantly) more time to switch between running programs. Taskmanager shows that from time to time CPU usage spikes up higher and usage even can reach 100% for a number of minutes. I extract those *.FLV files from the temporary internet files folders. I didn't install Quicktime with this or the previous version of Flash. So, that's not the cause for this sluggish behaviour. Do other user have similar problems ?
  19. Piriform didn't adress this problem in the CC v3.17.
  20. Is an employer no longer satisfied with the results he gets from a GOOGLE search ?
  21. My PC is an old HP laptop from 2004 with an AMD CPU with XP. But I am going back to the previous version of VLC player.
  22. Ouch. My mistake. The latest version is indeed 2.0.0.
  23. I recently downloaded and installed/upgraded to VLC player version 2.2.0. But now when I try to play video files then the audio is OK. But VLC completely messes up the video part. It then displays some sort of what I would call a mozaic. And it sometimes reports a video file is damaged. Weird. Because when I play the file with Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player or REAL Player then both audio and video are O.K. I tried to adjust a number of settings but to no avail. Does anyone else experience the same problems ? Do I need to upgrade the audio & video codecs ?
  24. Surprise, surprise !! Play this file http://www.4shared.com/document/3aCosDjd/final2.html with this application: http://www.globfx.com/products/swfplayer/ When I watched this file then it confirmed I never should join Facebook (any time (soon)).
  25. The Piriform folks still need to improve the CC v3.15 registry tool GUI. The story below presumes the registry tool has found a number of issues. This bug shows up when the user has manually highlighted and selected a number of issues from the list. When the user wants to remove issues one by one by clicking on “”remove issue”” then the GUI always behaves correctly. Then the amount of highlighted lines is reduced by one when the user removes one issue. When the user wants to remove a number of (NOT ALL !!!) issues then the GUI can behave incorrectly. When the user has selected one or more issues that are at the very bottom of the list with issues and wants to remove those issues by clicking on “”remove all issues”” then the GUI behaves correctly. But when the user has highlighted and selected one or more issues from the list (NOT including one or more issues at the very bottom of the list) then the GUI bug shows up. When the user clicks on “remove all issues”” then the issues are removed but the program still shows one or more lines highlighted.
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