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  1. @John Grey: I turned off the service called ""Auto Update"" (I don't know what the name in german is) because it drove me nuts. Everytime I started my computer it performed a full scan of my harddisk and that took about 10 minutes and during that time my laptop was crawling like a snail. But I manually turn that service on every month when there're new updates available from Microsoft.
  2. 1. Ever since I installed an antivirus program it takes a considerable amount of time for my laptop to reach a normal low level of activity. It seems the anti virus program keeps accessing (writing ?/reading ?) the harddisk for a much longer time than without the antivirus program (from AdAware). The CLEANMEM system tray icon (very helpful tool) and the CM monitor (in the bottom right hand side of the screen) both show that memory usage (e.g. file cache) also remains much higher for much longer. This would suggest that the anti virus program scans the entire disk for virusses and malware. I asked some friends but they didn't know what's occurring. Can anyone provide an answer ? 2. This behaviour of (any ?) anti virus program would also explain why, as time goes by, the amount of time for scanning the harddisk gradually seems to increase before a computer settles down to a normal low activity level after a startup. After all, Microsoft issues every month new updates/hotfixes and when a user doesn't remove those updatefiles then this increasing amount of files simply takes more and more time to be scanned for virusses. Am I on the right track with these thoughts ? 3. Besides the questions posed above there's another related problem. I know in Windows XP which folders to clean in order to get rid of those old update files and in what folders the, what I would call, ""Unistall info"" is stored that allows the user to uninstall a Windows update. But on my new laptop (with Win 7) it's much less obvious where all that info is stored. Perhaps there're any tools/programs around that can remove all those obsolete files in Win 7 ? And while we're talking about Win 7: Can any one recommend a good Win 7 help forum ? Are there any forums dedicated to Win 7 ?
  3. @Harin: Try if these language errors occur in other languages as well. Perhaps restarting the program solves the problem. If not, then I think the polish translator has forgotten to translate a number of strings. And I think you're right about those two temperatures.
  4. Perhaps I need to elaborate more regarding the bug described in post #2, because that particular bug hasn't been fixed (yet?). My native tongue is dutch so the language of Windows I use is, of course, dutch. When I change the language from english to e.g. danish, german, spanish or french, those two choices ("Yes" and "No") are still in dutch ("Ja"and "Nee"). This suggests that DF uses for these two particular dialogs a sub-routine/API from Windows itself, instead of using a sub-routine within DF. Then Windows notices that the language used on my computer is dutch and then displays those two dutch texts no matter what language has been selected in DF. Or perhaps Df uses the proper Windows API but it has the wrong entry parameters ? Can anyone replicate this bug ? DennisD ? Aethec ? ........ ?
  5. Bug in DF v2.05: DF still forgets to translate the word ""drive map"" on top of the filelist when I change the language. See also post #4 in this thread. It remains ""Schijfkaart"" (dutch for ""drive map"") even in german, english, danish or polish. I need to restart the program to get the proper language string displayed. Note: I write this post on a friend's PC with Win 7 64bit installed. But this shouldn't be a OS related bug.
  6. More bugs in DF v2.04: 1. When I change the language then DF "forgets" to ""translate"" three strings: -- "Check for updates..." on the bottom left hand side, -- "Drive map" on top of the filelist, -- "Online help" on the bottom right hand side. The only way to get these strings translated is to restart the program. So, these three stings are left out of the, what I would call, "language refresh screen"-(sub-)routine. 2. On the bottom right hand side of the screen ("Online help"): When the user rolls through one of the scroll down menus then on the left hand side bottom of the main screen (pane ?) an extra explanation is displayed. Then the strings "Check for updates..." and "Online help" disappear temporarily. But when I select e.g "Settings", "options..." then only the top, say 20% of the words "Online help" are displayed. And this distorted view pops up as well when the user selects a number of other menu items: -- "Drive legend" (in "Help") -- "Drive map" (in "Settings") -- "Defrag File" (under "Action") When I choose one of the other DF menu-items (e.g. "Help", "About...") then this distorted view disappears. See the encircled words in the three pictures in the attachments for more details.
  7. Here's another Speccy (v1.10) bug/issue that needs to be taken care of. When I change the language then the navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen behaves correctly. Because when a string of characters is longer than the width of the pane then the pane is automatically made wider to allow all characters of that string to be displayed. The string of characters isn't truncated. But this truncating/splitting of text strings does occur in the specification/detail pane when I change the language. The pane is not rebuild but instead the strings are simply replaced. And then strings can get truncated/split. In order to force Speccy to rebuild that pane correctly one needs to click again on the name of the current pane (e.g. ""Motherboard"" or ""Graphics"") I'll give an example with random characters: Before changing the language: ililililililil Good After changing the language: AmmmmmGoodmmmm or WitifhtrydGood Only after clicking again on the name of the pane in the navigation pane, Speccy rebuilds the right hand pane as it - IMO - should be rebuild directly after changing the language: Ammmmmmmmmmmm Good or Witifhtrydher Good These two particular (and imaginary) strings (""Ammmmmmmmmmmm" or ""Witifhtrydher"") for language X each have 13 characters but as a result of this programming/refreshing error the string is ""divided"" into two pieces/truncated because the word ""Good"" is placed right on top of the 7th character ""m"" (""Ammmmmmmmmmmm"") or the word ""Good"" is placed on top of the 12th character ""e"" (""Witifhtrydher"").
  8. Here're two more bugs in the GUI of Defraggler. In two cases the user is asked for confirmation. But no matter what language I choose the language always is dutch ("Ja" and "Nee") instead of e.g. "Yes" and "No" (english), "Ja" and "Nein" (german) or ""Oui"" or "Non" (french). See the pictures in the attachment for more details. In the pictures I choose the DF language to be english.
  9. Bugs in Defraggler v2.04: A. I have two (logical) drives C: and D: and it seems DF behaves weird. I did the following: 1. Started DF. 2. Analyzed drive C: and there were no defragmented files. 3. Analyzed drive D: and then were 3 defragmented files. 4. Now, when I returned to drive C: then DF didn't update the view of the list of defragmented files. DF still displays the file list of drive D: See attachment. This weird behaviour occurs only before I defrag - at least - one drive. And this behaviour didn't occur in previous versions of DF. B. When are the Piriform folks going to fix the ""Defrag free space"" bug/issue ???? This bug has been around since DF v1.18 and was NEVER fixed ! It's just a matter of swapping two pointers !!! When I want to perform ""Defrag Free Space"" then DF v2.04 actually performs a ""Defrag Free Space (Allowing Extra Defragmentation)"" and when I want to perform a "Defrag Free Space (allowing fragmentation)"" then DF v2.04 actually performs a ""Defrag Free Space"".
  10. And - according to my info - that information is stored for ever in the US by the CIA, FBI, ..... I've heard some frightning stories. There's the FISA law on the books that allows the US to snoop on data traffic coming out and going into the US. So, if one would send an email from Europe to South America and that email would physically/electronically go through the US then that email would be stored in the US, thanks to the FISA law. Scary thoughts.
  11. And some translators have forgotten to translate a number of words.
  12. As a result of a discussion in another thread the following suggestion surfaced. Let the user (by ticking one or more boxes) choose which part of ones computer is analyzed by Speccy (SP). Then there's no or much less need for the Debug mode. Then the user can find out more easily which part of SP causes an error/breakdown in the analysis.
  13. @Hazelnut, When the user clicks on ""Start"", ""Run"" and uses the command box in an attempt to run Speccy in debug mode, then an error occurs. And I know why. Windows XP doesn't like the space between ""Program"" and ""Files"" !!!! Because then it responds with: ""Can't find the program c:\program"". Before typing the path to Speccy, the user should open the MS-Dos prompt window first. Type in the ""Run"" box: ""CMD.exe"" and then the path to Speccy. If this ""space error"" occurs in Win 7 and Vista as well (I use XP) then the info in the online documentation should be rewritten.
  14. There're still a lot folks who were inspired by Bin Laden and want to revenge his death.
  15. I need to add something to my previous post. 1. After modifying both Winapp1.ini and Winapp2.ini both files need to saved in the very same folder in which CC has been installed for this finetuning to work. 2. There's a second possibility to let CC not wipe that ""Recent files"" info. Just add the line %appdata%\Microsoft\Office\Recent|*.* or add, when you use Windows XP (like I do), C:\Documents and Settings\Eigenaar\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent\|*.* to the ""Exclude"" section in CC. (I don't know what the precise path should be in Vista or Win 7).When all is OK then the files in this particular folder shouldn't be listed anymore by CC after you hit ""Analyze"". EDIT: Corrected some small errors.
  16. Willy2

    Flash player.

    I use a small *.SWF file to tell me which version of Flash I have installed. See attachment. To play this *.swf file one needs a version of Flash to be installed and a stand alone SWF player like e.g. SWF Player from a company called GlobFX (http://www.globfx.co...oads/swfplayer/)
  17. I want to add something to post #1: 1. There's a (small) difference between what CCleaner and Speccy report concerning the CPU in my laptop. Speccy reports I have a ""Athlon XP-M" but Ccleaner says I have an "AMD Athlon XP2400+". Nothing to worry about but nonetheless a difference. See attachment 2. I made a picture of how Speccy reports the name of the CPU. See attachment as well.
  18. Made a typo in the title of this topic. It should have been ""Bugs in Speccy".
  19. Here's how you finetune the CC wiping: CC uses an embedded script that tells the program where to wipe what. Starting in version 3.05 or 3.06 those scripts can be extracted from the program. More details can be found in the online CC documentation on how to tweak/modify the CC wiping process. 1. Open the Windows program called "MS-DOS prompt" and go to the folder in which CC has been installed. I hope you how to to that. Because this is a trick only known to those who have some/good knowledge of MS-DOS and Windows. Type "Ccleaner.exe /export ." The dot is important !!! Then CC will place three extra files in that folder, and one of them is called "Winapp.ini". 2. Open that file with a texteditor. Save the file under the name ""Winapp1.ini". Move the set of lines under the header "[Office 2007]" (including the header) to a new text file called "Winapp2.ini". In that latest file there's a line called "Filekey=.......". Now put in front of the word "Filekey" a ";" character and save the file again. Place all Winapp.ini files in the very same folder where CC was installed. Then there should be that same box called ""Office 2007"" but it shouldn't wipe those names any more.
  20. In Speccy v1.10 I came across a number of bugs. I use XP Home, SP 3 with all the latest updates. 1. In the Summary screen, under CPU: The program mentions the type of CPU twice (in my case: ""AMD Athlon XP-M""). This doesn't happen under e.g. ""Motherboard"" or "" Hard drives"". Speccy contains a number of translation/language related bugs. I came across the following ones: 1. When I change the language then some words remain the same and these words are changed/""translated"" only when I restart the program. -- In the CPU screen: The word "Unsupported" behind ""Virtualization". -- In the Summary screen: the second line under "Graphics". -- In the Graphics screen: A. The second header line (on my laptop it's called "ATI Video"). B. The text "count of performance levels". 2. There're no strings available for the following words and can't be translated and therefore the words/text always shows up in english: -- In the CPU screen: the word "Unsupported"" behind "Hyperthreading". -- In the Motherboard screen: "System Temperature" Edit: Deleted one line
  21. Cleanmem v2.11 is released.
  22. Is this the only MS Word setting that you want to keep ? Are you OK with that CC wipes other Word settings as well ? Because you can finetune what Word (or for that matter any other program) settings are wiped by CC. If you're interested in finetuning what CC wipes then at least tell me what version of MS Word you use. MS Office keeps a separate list of recently openeed documents and that's stored in a special location.
  23. Simply the entire content. According to my memory somewhere in that thread it was stated that a lot of info was removed from the embedded file/info because it negatively impacted the speed of CC. With that info the user can make his/her own customized Winapp2.ini and/or Winapp1.ini file. I certainly did. Edited: I found where Winapp2.ini has stored the link to the updated Winapp2.ini file: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=32310 I have added that link to my Piriform internet favourite links.
  24. Hazelnut, I know, I know. But I haven't got a clue which Anti Virus program to install. And that's why I am glad I came across this thread. I am still digesting the info I found here.
  25. Perhaps the Piriform folks can add the info for the Winapp2.ini file from this thread http://forum.pirifor...?showtopic=1110 to the CC installation program as well. Not as an embedded file/info but in a seperate file that shows up in the installation folder after installation of CC. Then the user can choose which info he/she wants to add to his own Winapp2.ini file. Edit: Has the thread mentioned above removed from the forum or don't I have enough rights to access that page ? I thought it still would exist, I added that thread to my internet Favourites list.
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