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  1. A few theething issues ? I know that I posted this already in a different thread but all of my shortcuts to the Piriform forum don't work any more. And I have two scrollbars on the right hand side of the computerscreen when I visit the forum. Edit: 1. Scrollbar issue seems to be solved. 2. Webadresses all have changed. No wonder my Favourite Piriform shortcuts don't work any more. Any plans to use the old webadresses again ? 3. Notification system seems to be working as it should.
  2. Yep. Got my avatar restored. "No user info compromised" ? Next problem is that all of my shortcuts to a number of threads on the Piriform forum don't work anymore.
  3. And my avatar is missing !
  4. That doesn't explain why it took the forum website so much time to send me the notifications. It was a year worth of notifications. BTW: creepy avatar.
  5. Willy2

    Adobe Acrobat 8.0

    Adobe Reader seems to add that registry key to the registry each time it's used.
  6. What's going on with this forum's notifications system ? I signed up to get notifications when visitors have replied to forum threads I started or where I posted a reply. But up to now I never received any such notifications. And now I get a lot of notifications in one burst in the last two, three days. Even of older posts I replied to. What's going on on the Piriform forum website ? Malware infection(s) ? Faulty forum software ?
  7. Shane needs your help for a new program. http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/remote_desktop_ip_monitor_blocker.html (No Facebook link, but a link from the website Tweaking.com) Post your comments on the Tweaking.com website forums and not here.
  8. Shane needs your help for a new program. http://www.facebook.com/tweakingdotcom
  9. What I would like to be added to the next versions of Defraggler are scroll bars (either on the left hand side or the right hand side) for the following tabs in the main screen: - Drive - Search - Health - Drive map. When I increase the size of the diskmap then these screens/panes are reduced in size. A scrollbar would allow the user to see all the info that's hiding in the bottom of that screen/pane/tab. See attachment.
  10. WMI is used to pull up a lot of info/data from your computer Download a program called "Window Repair" (www.tweaking.com) and run it with the WMI box ticked. This will repair WMI. The program can repair a lot of other things in Windows as well. So, keep the program installed on your system and if your satisfied with the program then post a thank you note on the Tweaking.com forum website, and tell all of your freinds about this - IMO - marvellous program.
  11. Tried to make CM respond faster when I press the hotkey key combination. I installed a virtual ramdisk (thanks to the program RAMDISK), installed the CM software in that RAM-disk. Since the software is in the memory upon startup I thought it would speed up CM but to no avail. Anyone else any thoughts to speed up the response of CM ? Is my virus scanner to blame for this delay ? @Superfast: Ccleaner indeed can take care of deleting the "layout.ini"file. Should have thought of it before. But windows uses "recent folders" to add folders & files to "layout.ini". So, one should clean "recent folders" as well. CM v2.4.3 still has another small tiny (!!) bug. See page #5 of this thread: http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,3098.0.html I hope the next improved version of CM will be released very soon.
  12. Cleanmem v2.4.3 is out. Check it out !!!
  13. http://www.howtogeek.com/122934/java-is-insecure-and-awful-its-time-to-disable-it-and-heres-how/
  14. Since I didn't get any response to the question above, it seems I am the only one with this "problem". The solution is actually simple. Add the name of the process that won't stop automatically to CM's Advanced Monitor with a memory limit of 0 (zero) MB, order the AM to kill the process and the AM WILL kill this process. Guaranteed. Came across this interesting article (thanks GOOGLE): http://www.zdnet.com...o-measure/1786e Win 7 memory usage on my laptop is very interesting. The CM system tray icon show the amount of used memory (by hardware & programs/processes). When CM is kicked into action then info is moved from the green part of the memory to the brown and the dark blue part of the memory (See picture in the attachment). And the dark blue part of the memory doesn't shrink. Since the CM program will be detected by Superfetch one would expect CM to be loaded into the dark blue part of the memory. But since I (more often than not) need to press the CM "hot key" twice to kick CM into action it would suggest that CM isn't loaded in memory anymore or has been overwritten (in memory). Possible solution for this problem: Regularly delete the file "layout.ini" in the Superfetch subfolder in "C:\windows" (E.g. Upon start up). It would prevent Win 7 to load a lot of obsolete files/info into memory. Perhaps CM can be improved/updated to clean the dark blue (see picture, attachment) part of the memory of my laptop as well ?
  15. @TommyK: Memory for a XP machines is actually quite cheap nowadays. Aren't there any websites in your country that offer second hand memory modules ? Like e.g. Ebay ?
  16. A pity. I use an application that heavily depends on Java.
  17. "Jusched.exe" is a good example of a program that shouldn't be run upon startup. Instead use the Task Scheduler to check for Java updates and let it be executed every week or month. Let TS execute the program "jucheck.exe"". That program is hiding somewhere on your harddrive. Use the program "Everything" (Google "Everything", "Voidtools".) to find out where it's hiding. http://www.howtogeek...-is-it-running/ WARNING: Everytime a program updates itself, it can re-enable the "run upon start up" option. "Java update" certainly does !!! So, you need to check and re-check this every now and then. Another suggestion: Set the time interval for CM (Task Scheduler) at 5 minutes. That will keep Windows' memory usage "on a short leash".
  18. Perhaps Apple wants even more revenues ? The folks at Apple in cahoots with the FBI ?
  19. And what about this: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/new-geo-fence-technology-lets-dhs-fbi-and-apple-command-your-phones-camera-and-microphone_09042012
  20. And what about this: Code words; "Stellar Wind". http://www.infowars.com/mini-documentary-reveals-full-extent-of-stellar-wind-domestic-spy-program/
  21. http://www.thedailycrux.com/Post/41229/Hackers-reveal-FBI-is-tracking-12-million-Apple-users-
  22. Windows updates aren't always perfect. In 2010 I noticed that Windows Update Service was enabled by one Windows update. Every time I started my laptop it would make my laptop a complete snail for the first say 10 minutes. And It seemed Microsoft noticed the error and corrected the flaw. But that was only after 4 or 5 months. The solution for me was to manually switch on the Windows Update Service once a week. Hopefully Microsoft notices this error ASAP and corrects this error. In the mean time try if CM helps you to ease your problems. Perhaps readers of this thread have a better solution ?
  23. Memory usage: See Task Manager. CM opens/runs upon startup and after it has performed its task, it closes again, it doesn't run in the background. It's kicked into action by Task Scheduler every 15 minutes. (but the user can change that time interval). CM's Mini Monitor can be instructed to keep running after start up. Use Ccleaner to see which tasks/programs/update programs are run upon start up. Google "Ccleaner, Piriform, filehippo". Run the program, select "Tools", "Startup". Then under "Windows" or "Task Scheduler". Some update programs are always running while running them once a week or month would suffice. Ccleaner can be used to disable to a number of start up items. A virus scanner can swallow A LOT OF system resources (e.g. CPU and memory), especially when one has only 512 Mb of memory. (Did you activate the Firewall ? did your system become a snail when you installed the virusscanner ?) For me the choice is obvious: remove a number of heavy memory users (e.g. virus scanner (not recommended), Firefox), buy more memory or buy a new faster computer. Has anyone else other/better suggestions ?
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