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  1. Memory usage of 400 Mb on a 512 Mb system is indeed massive. Which process is using the most memory (task manager) and how much ? Perhaps you can disable one or more processes/programs that are started upon start up (with e.g. Piriform's Ccleaner) ? Perhaps some update programs are always running upon start up ? Then move those tasks to the Task Scheduler and let them run e.g. once every week or month. Did you place a shortcut to CM in one of the start up folders ? In the Mini Monitor settings windows/program: (right click on system tray icon and select "Monitor settings") 1. Select "Menu", "Start Cleanmem settings wizard". In the wizard, in step 1/4, enable "Clear System File Cache". Go through all the other steps, select whatever you want and close the wizard. 2. Tick the "Global hot key" box in "General" and select a hotkey. Also tick the box "Show percentage used ............". Then the system tray icon will show what the percentage of used memory is. 3. Go through all the settings windows and select/change what you want to select/change. 4. Apply the Global Hot Key (as selected under 2) ) and see what changes in memory usage (system tray icon). In CM there's (under "Menu") an option "Show file cache info"". It tells you the current and the peak size of the file cache.
  2. in the folder where CM is installed you'll find a program called "Mini Monitor.exe". Run it and a system tray icon pops up. I would recommend that you keep the system tray icon. Right click on the system tray icon and select "Monitor settings". Then another window pops up. That window give you access to all the features of CM.
  3. Enable the CM system tray icon in the "General Settings". It shows what percentage of the memory is used and how effective CM is.
  4. My old XP laptop had 512 Mb of memory and 64 Mb was used as video(-memory). That would leave 448 Mb for other programs. Assuming you have the same setup, would mean, between 65% and 85% of your memory is used and then the system also maintains a file system cache (not reported by Task Manager (??)) that can grow (very) large. Yes, then your system can turn into a snail. Solutions: 1. Install Cleanmem (CM, see above). CM reduces the memory usage of programs/processes (running in the background) every 15 (default) minutes and can (when enabled) collapse the system file cache, also freeing up memory. (CM also can tell you how large the file system cache is) Then Windows doesn't need to write data from the memory to the (slow) harddisk that often anymore. Install CM and don't enable anything except for the System tray Icon. It tells you what percentage of the memory is used. Then compare that with the icon says after you have enabled a number/all things. Place a shortcut to CM in one of the start up folders. Then you have a clean system when it has finished the start up procdure. 2. Buy more RAM. More memory is always better but I don't know if you are willing and able to pay for more RAM. And how memory your system can handle. Was this helpful ?
  5. @Hazelnut, @Tommyk, There's a simple program around that allows you to turn off that indexing service: Simple System Tweaker http://www.tweaking.com/
  6. 1. More memory is always better. 2. Is your harddrive constantly busy writing and reading information ? Then I would advice to install a program called Cleanmem. http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=28918 It makes sure the memory is used more efficiently. Especially with only 512 Mbytes of RAM. Install it and report whether it was helpful. 3. What are the (minimum) system requirements for the Firefox version you're using ? 4. do you know after installing which program your computer became a snail ?
  7. Nope. The Piriform folks have determined in all their wisdom that for all 4 programs both the "normal" version and the 64 bits version are installed in the same folder. I agree. The 64 bits versions should be installed in a "C:\Program files" subfolder and the 32 bits version in a "c:\program files" subfolder but that's NOT the case.
  8. Defraggler behaves in one regard odd. Whereas Ccleaner, Recuva and Speccy install themselves in a "C:\Program files" subfolder, Defraggler v2.10 installs itself in a "C:\Program files(x86)" subfolder on my Win 7 laptop. Weird. I thought all 64 bits applications are supposed to install themselves in a "C:\Program files" subfolder ?
  9. A question for other CM users: when I switch multiple times between "All users" and "Current user" in the "General" tab (Mini monitor settings) then I can end up with multiple instances of the program "mini_monitor_set_startup.exe *32" running (Task Manager). See attachment. Does this happen on other compters as well ? I use Win 7 64 bits, SP 1.
  10. When I change the language then RECUVA (RC) forgets to read/update a number of text strings. Only restarting the program makes RC show the appropriate text strings. So, RC does know which strings to use but it forgets to show them. In this particular case I changed the laguage from dutch to english but RC continued to show the dutch textstrings. See the picture in the attachment.
  11. Suggestions for Recuva (RC): In the "General" window. (Under "Options") - Add an option "Don't show unrecoverable files". Since these files are "unrecoverable" what's the point of showing them at all everytime ? Perhaps it's possible to get rid of files entries by overwriting the directory entry (and the MFT ?). - Add an option "Enable secure overwriting/deletion" that's placed right above the "Secure overwrite" options. - Add a button to the main screen of RC that enables the user to switch off and on the "Advanced Mode" (AM). In the current situation the user can switch on the "Advanced Mode" but it can't switch off the AM. - Improve the memory management of RC. On my laptop with Win 7, RC ("recuva64.exe", according to Task Manager) can occupy some 290 Mb when it has analyzed a drive. But after analyzing a drive, that memory usage doesn't go down at all. I know Cleanmem can reduce RC's memory usage down to below 1 Mb. Perhaps there's a good reason for this behaviour ?
  12. See the thumbnail in the first post. RC could add a box (e.g. "Allow overwritng files") to the "General" window right above the overwrite options. Perhaps a roll down menu is not such a good idea. What I still would like to see in RC is a button that closes the "Advanced Mode". I can switch to the "Advanced Mode" but I can't switch back/switch the "Advanced Mode" off.
  13. I think RECUVA (RC) should move all the "Overwrite file" options to a separate roll down menu with a warning message. Or perhaps add to the "General" window (in Options) a box that can be ticked and only when that box has been ticked RC is allowed to overwrite files.
  14. Ooops, I totally missed that. To be frank, I used the program today for the second time because I deleted an entire folder with a lot of videos in it. I regularly install the new version but I used it for the second time today. That made me go through all (and I mean ALL) the options.
  15. I hope this question hasn't been posted. Choose "Options", "General". Then the user can choose between four "Secure overwriting" options. But when I go through all the other screens then there isn't an option to order RECUVA (RC) to securely overwrite any files. Seems RC uses some program code that has been copied from CCLEANER. Or am I mistaken ? Did I overlook anything ? See attachment.
  16. Add the following line to the "Exclude" section of Ccleaner: C:\Users\BRS Limited\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\Recent\*.* or %appdata%\Microsoft\Office\Recent\*.* That should do the trick when you have an english version of Word. In other languages the name of the folder is (slightly) different. See this thread for more info: http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=25696 Perhaps the moderators of this forum could create a FAQ section ? And add this to that FAQ section because this question has been asked more than once before.
  17. I know. After all, I wrote "If". But I know WMI is used to pull up A LOT OF computer info.
  18. In Speccy v1.17 I came across another language related bug. First of all, the bugs reported in post #7 of this thread aren't fixed. In addition there's another extra bug popping up. In some cases one text can be displayed in a language that has been selected previously. Go to "Network". Look at the first section that starts with e.g "Your connected to the internet". Look at "line speed". When the user has changed the language from e.g spanish to german then the german text string shows up. But then it's possible that the spanish text string for this text pops up again. So, Speccy v1.17 forgets to refresh the text string that's stored somewhere in the computer's memory. And then erroneously pulls up the string from a previous language. However, when this error occurs the entire section is correctly rebuild, the stings aren''t simply replaced. But only this section is rebuild, not the entire pane.
  19. @Eastexpert, If the WMI part of Windows is to blame (as Nergal suggests) then do the following: - download the program called "Windows Repair" (WR) (www.tweaking.com) - tick the "Repair WMI" box. - hit start (in WR) - rerun Speccy and see what pops up. Perhaps you need to tick the box "Set window services to startup default" in WR as well. And above all: Let us know if this was helpful.
  20. I use IE9 64 bit. I didn't try any other browser. I started to use it only after (the dreaded) Adobe's Flash was available in 64 bit. I am not too happy with IE9. When I type a reply on a forum (like this one) from time to time, it causes delays before typed characters show up on the screen. Don't know who/what is to blame for this. Sloppy progamming of IE9 ? Perhaps IE9 still needs to be optimized more ? Antivirus program ? Firewall ? Adobe's Flash ? Graphic driver ? Graphic hardware ? I read somehwere else on this forum that HTML5 would be an alternative for Adobe's Flash. Well, what are the folks at Microsoft waiting for ? I want HTML5 NOW !!!!
  21. I fear that's impossible. However the PRO version offers you something slightly different. Perhaps it's useful for you. Buy a CM license for the PRO version for $5, then you'll be able to use the Advanced Monitor (AM). Using the AM you can let CM perform a "clean up" every 5, 10 or 15 (or any other user defined amount of) minutes WHEN (and this is important) the memory usage of one or more user defined process exceeds a user defined memory limit. I use the AM to curtail IE9 in its memory usage when an IE9 process uses more than 100 Mb, and the AM performs that check every 10 minutes. By setting that memory limit (in the AM) extremely low (e.g. 2 or 5 Mb) for one process you can be sure that process will be kept on a (very) short leash. Shane is always busy running his computer repair shop. So, have a little patience. Don't worry, he'll reply.
  22. I changed the CM settings again. The regular CM cleaning now occurs every 30 minutes and it curtails EVERY memory user, including IE9. Excluded is the system file cache which is curtailed only when it exceeds 100 Mb. When one or more IE9 process exceeds 100 Mb the Advanced Monitor is allowed to curtail IE9 (checked every 10 minutes). Go to http://www.jugglingdynamite.com and open more than one webpage. Then you'll see that memory usage is "going through the roof". This website posts A LOT OF videos (using the dreaded Adobe's Flash).
  23. @Nergal: I was wrong. I need to rewrite my answer/reply. - If you want a process to be logged then enable logging and add that process to the CM logfile list. - In the regular CM mechanism all processes that are to tracked and that are running show up in the logfile. If one has 6 IE9 processes running then all 6 show up the logfile no matter whether they are curtailed or not. - In the AM only those processes that are curtailed in memory usage show up in the logfile. If one has 5 IE9 processes running and the AM curtails only 2 processes then only those 2 processes show up in the logfile. The other 3 processes aren't mentioned at all.
  24. But is there an alternative for Flash ?
  25. The bug reported in post #7 of this thread hasn't been fixed in Speccy v1.16. The solution is - IMO - simple. After the user has changed the language and clicked on "OK" then Speccy should call the ""rebuild details pane/screen"" routine to properly rebuild the screen. That same "rebuild screen" is called when the user clicks on the name in the navigation pane.
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