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  1. I was the Beta tester and came up with suggestions for this program (especially the GUI). As the name of the program suggests, it fixes/can fix a number of Windows issues. One can also download from this website programs that can fix one particular Windows issue but then the user has to have a VERY good knowledge of what's ""broken"" in Windows. I used it already twice to fix one particular issue. I received twice a weblink in an email. But when I clicked on the link Windows XP didn't respond the way it should (i.e. open a particular web-site/page). I knew there was some ""secret formula"" to fix this problem. But Windows Repair makes it much more easier to do this. Again: check it out !! http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html
  2. Came across another small (!!) text string bug in the latest CC v3.11. Here's how to find the bug. 1). Untick every box in the Windows and Application pane except for ""Adobe Flash Player"" in the ""Multimedia"" section in the Application pane. 2). Hit ""Analyze"" and then (hopefully) one line appears with a summary of files to be removed. CC clearly states ""(Note: No files have been deleted yet )"". 3). Click on the line that's being displayed and CC will display the details of the files to be removed. 4). If the user has one or more flash cookies then CC displays one or more times the text ""Removed cookie: "", followed by the name of the cookie/website. That text ""Removed"" VERY clearly contradicts the message displayed as mentioned under 2) (See above, in bold characters). The text string should be e.g. ""Cookie: ....."" or ""Flash cookie: ..."" before the user hits ""Run Cleaner"". And e.g. ""Removed cookie: ...... "" after the user has hit ""Run Cleaner"". Or perhaps CC should use a more neutral text like e.g. ""Cookie: ..."" or ""Flash cookie ....."" for the text that's being displayed both before and after the user will hit/has hit ""Run Cleaner"". Now when I am writing this, I have another suggestion for CC: 1. Let CC display an additional text something along the lines of ""Files to be removed :"" somewhere at the top of the screen that details which files are to be wiped. 2. Let CC display an additional text something along the lines of ""Files wiped"" or ""....... removed"" "" somewhere at the top of the screen that details which files actually have been wipe/removed. This certainly would reduce the remaining confusion, because now the user can - IMO - be confused whether files are actually removed or not. It's a confirmation at what stage CC is.
  3. Are the visitors from this website aware that the guy from CLEANMEM has started a new website called TWEAKING.com ? http://www.tweaking.com I helped him get rid of the bugs in and develop the interface of the program called ""Windows Repair"". If the more tech savvy moderators/visitors of the Piriform forum have more suggestions to improve the program then they are welcome to do so. (Aethec ?? Hazelnut ?? Alan_B ??, .... ??) I had to keep it under wraps for a while but now the website is up and running. Check it out.
  4. @Alan B. You're absolutely right. I did notice that ""Save to text"" option. To be continued ( I hope). And now here's the weird thing. When I ran CC (v3.11) (just now when I am typing this) it didn't show these different values (anymore ????) And the anti-virus program was running !!. Or was something removed from the registry that caused CC to show this (strange) behaviour. Or was one or more cookies the cause for this ? (I didn't run the CC registry cleaner and cookie cleaner for at least two months) Well, I'll keep a close eye on how CC behaves in the future and report back when necessary. Perhaps I can discover a pattern. Computer magazines recommend tweaks in the registry but on my laptop they - more often than I like - don't seem to work. Could be that CC is sensitive to the value of some registry entries, as well. As have said before: We'll have to wait and see how CC behaves in the future.
  5. Did some additional tinkering/research. And found the reason why CC v3.11 and CC v3.10 (CC v3.09 ??) report different values. At least, I hope I found the reason why. When one hits ""Analyze"" the CC generates/compiles a list with the names and sizes of the files to be wiped. And CC seems to store that list somewhere (In a Temp folder ???). Now when I hit ""Clean"" then it seems CC adds one or more old lists/adds old info to the newly generated file info. Or (sometimes ??) simply forgets the newly generated info. CC is not quite consistent in the way it behaves. And that's why CC grossly overstates the amount of diskspace that's freed up. I noticed that the names of some old files showed up in the ""files wiped"" list and I knew I had removed/extracted those files from the temporary internet files folders (in IE 8) at an earlier stage. I certainly would appreciate when the CC developers would look into this matter. Has the way CC behaves, compiles the info of the files to be wiped, been changed starting with CC 3.10 or perhaps CC 3.09 ??
  6. Installed version 3.11 today and it still shows different values before and after cleaning.
  7. Just ran CC again and the same thing popped up again. I made 4 pictures to illustrate what I came across. Look at the numbers in the red oval. 1) Checked ""My computer"" and it reported 462 MB free disk space. (CC v3.10a.jpg). 2) Then I hit ""Analyze"" in CC and it reported 27 Mb/about 2900 files of internet files (CC v3.10b.jpg) were about to be wiped. 3) Cleaned those internet files and then CC reported that it had wiped 314 Mb of internet files (CC v3.10c.jpg). It also reported that it had wiped over 5000 files. 4) Checked ""My computer"" again and it reported that it had 495 Mb of free diskspace. 462 + 27 = 489 Mb. (CC v3.10d.jpg). CC also wiped/cleaned a number of other folders/files. No, my laptop wasn't connected to the internet. I temporarily disabled my anti virus scanner because it also creates a lot of temporary files.
  8. I only recently installed CC v3.10. When I ran CC v3.10 for the first time today something weird surfaced. After hitting ""Analyze"" CC reported that the folders containing the temporary internet files (IE 8), contained files with a total size of about 60 MB. Then I ordered CC to wipe all thoses files. And now the weird thing occurred. After CC cleaned all those files it reported that it has wiped some 270 Mb worth of internet files. Weird !!! I compared that with what ""My computer"" reported before and after wiping those internet files. It clearly showed that CC had wiped files with a total size of about 60 Mb. I use XP SP 3 with all latest updates.
  9. Ouch, it will take some time to get used to this new design/layout.
  10. Did you read this entire thread ? Because the maker of this program (SMC1979) does participates in this thread and provides an answer to your question. Go to: http://www.pcwintech.com/ There're some other great programs (besides Cleanmem) available. Check it out and read the documentation of Cleanmem as well.
  11. Cleanmem v2.2.0 is out.
  12. There's a thorough procedure that has helped me in a number of cases when an error occurred. -- Uninstall the program. -- Install ERUNTgui (works also in Win 7 and Vista ??). It allows the user to restore the registry to a previous state. -- Switch off (temporarily !!!!) as much programs as possible that are automatically started when the computer boots (e.g. with CCleaner). Before switching off (not uninstalling !!) the antivirus program one should disconnect from the internet. Anti virus programs can cause a lot of trouble. -- Clean and compact the registry (I recommend Eusing software and NTREGOPT) -- Reboot computer. -- Close as much programs as possible. (See the icons in the System Tray as well, in the bottom right hand side of the screen). -- Install the program. Hopefully now the programs does work. -- Switch on those start up options you switched off before. Try it and tell us if it worked for you.
  13. I think I made a (small but important) mistake (again). Remove the character ""\"" right behind ""recent"" (see previous post(s)) and then it could work.
  14. Perhaps Windows Taskmanager provides an answer which processes are eating up so much of the speed. Post here the content of what Taskmanager shows and make sure the processes that eat the most process time and/or memory are on top of the list. And we'll have a look at it. And of course I would advise you to install CLEANMEM memory manager. It can dramatically reduce memory usage and as a result of that Windows doesn't need to access the swapfile on the harddisk that often anymore. And accessing the harddisk/swapfile slows Windows down (dramatically). http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=28918
  15. In Speccy v1.11 the language related issue as described in post #7 of this thread hasn't been fully fixed. Speccy now behaves even more eratic. Although I think that the solution could be astonishing simple. When the user changes the language then - IMO - two things should be done: 1. determine which screen (e.g. ""Graphics"") is active/being displayed/has been selected. 2. call the appropriate ""(re-)build"" (sub-)routine that (re-)builds that particular active screen. This is - IMO - the same (sub-)routine that is called when a user clicks on the name of that screen (e.g. ""Graphics"") in the navigation screen. And when the user doesn't want to change the language after all, then the same procedure should be done again only with the previous language settings. Problem solved, IMO. Seems simple to me but I am not part of the Speccy developers team. I wrote programs in assembler for the 6502 CPU (BBC-B ) back in the 1980s, so I do have (some) programming experience.
  16. @John Grey: I turned off the service called ""Auto Update"" (I don't know what the name in german is) because it drove me nuts. Everytime I started my computer it performed a full scan of my harddisk and that took about 10 minutes and during that time my laptop was crawling like a snail. But I manually turn that service on every month when there're new updates available from Microsoft.
  17. 1. Ever since I installed an antivirus program it takes a considerable amount of time for my laptop to reach a normal low level of activity. It seems the anti virus program keeps accessing (writing ?/reading ?) the harddisk for a much longer time than without the antivirus program (from AdAware). The CLEANMEM system tray icon (very helpful tool) and the CM monitor (in the bottom right hand side of the screen) both show that memory usage (e.g. file cache) also remains much higher for much longer. This would suggest that the anti virus program scans the entire disk for virusses and malware. I asked some friends but they didn't know what's occurring. Can anyone provide an answer ? 2. This behaviour of (any ?) anti virus program would also explain why, as time goes by, the amount of time for scanning the harddisk gradually seems to increase before a computer settles down to a normal low activity level after a startup. After all, Microsoft issues every month new updates/hotfixes and when a user doesn't remove those updatefiles then this increasing amount of files simply takes more and more time to be scanned for virusses. Am I on the right track with these thoughts ? 3. Besides the questions posed above there's another related problem. I know in Windows XP which folders to clean in order to get rid of those old update files and in what folders the, what I would call, ""Unistall info"" is stored that allows the user to uninstall a Windows update. But on my new laptop (with Win 7) it's much less obvious where all that info is stored. Perhaps there're any tools/programs around that can remove all those obsolete files in Win 7 ? And while we're talking about Win 7: Can any one recommend a good Win 7 help forum ? Are there any forums dedicated to Win 7 ?
  18. @Harin: Try if these language errors occur in other languages as well. Perhaps restarting the program solves the problem. If not, then I think the polish translator has forgotten to translate a number of strings. And I think you're right about those two temperatures.
  19. Perhaps I need to elaborate more regarding the bug described in post #2, because that particular bug hasn't been fixed (yet?). My native tongue is dutch so the language of Windows I use is, of course, dutch. When I change the language from english to e.g. danish, german, spanish or french, those two choices ("Yes" and "No") are still in dutch ("Ja"and "Nee"). This suggests that DF uses for these two particular dialogs a sub-routine/API from Windows itself, instead of using a sub-routine within DF. Then Windows notices that the language used on my computer is dutch and then displays those two dutch texts no matter what language has been selected in DF. Or perhaps Df uses the proper Windows API but it has the wrong entry parameters ? Can anyone replicate this bug ? DennisD ? Aethec ? ........ ?
  20. Bug in DF v2.05: DF still forgets to translate the word ""drive map"" on top of the filelist when I change the language. See also post #4 in this thread. It remains ""Schijfkaart"" (dutch for ""drive map"") even in german, english, danish or polish. I need to restart the program to get the proper language string displayed. Note: I write this post on a friend's PC with Win 7 64bit installed. But this shouldn't be a OS related bug.
  21. More bugs in DF v2.04: 1. When I change the language then DF "forgets" to ""translate"" three strings: -- "Check for updates..." on the bottom left hand side, -- "Drive map" on top of the filelist, -- "Online help" on the bottom right hand side. The only way to get these strings translated is to restart the program. So, these three stings are left out of the, what I would call, "language refresh screen"-(sub-)routine. 2. On the bottom right hand side of the screen ("Online help"): When the user rolls through one of the scroll down menus then on the left hand side bottom of the main screen (pane ?) an extra explanation is displayed. Then the strings "Check for updates..." and "Online help" disappear temporarily. But when I select e.g "Settings", "options..." then only the top, say 20% of the words "Online help" are displayed. And this distorted view pops up as well when the user selects a number of other menu items: -- "Drive legend" (in "Help") -- "Drive map" (in "Settings") -- "Defrag File" (under "Action") When I choose one of the other DF menu-items (e.g. "Help", "About...") then this distorted view disappears. See the encircled words in the three pictures in the attachments for more details.
  22. Here's another Speccy (v1.10) bug/issue that needs to be taken care of. When I change the language then the navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen behaves correctly. Because when a string of characters is longer than the width of the pane then the pane is automatically made wider to allow all characters of that string to be displayed. The string of characters isn't truncated. But this truncating/splitting of text strings does occur in the specification/detail pane when I change the language. The pane is not rebuild but instead the strings are simply replaced. And then strings can get truncated/split. In order to force Speccy to rebuild that pane correctly one needs to click again on the name of the current pane (e.g. ""Motherboard"" or ""Graphics"") I'll give an example with random characters: Before changing the language: ililililililil Good After changing the language: AmmmmmGoodmmmm or WitifhtrydGood Only after clicking again on the name of the pane in the navigation pane, Speccy rebuilds the right hand pane as it - IMO - should be rebuild directly after changing the language: Ammmmmmmmmmmm Good or Witifhtrydher Good These two particular (and imaginary) strings (""Ammmmmmmmmmmm" or ""Witifhtrydher"") for language X each have 13 characters but as a result of this programming/refreshing error the string is ""divided"" into two pieces/truncated because the word ""Good"" is placed right on top of the 7th character ""m"" (""Ammmmmmmmmmmm"") or the word ""Good"" is placed on top of the 12th character ""e"" (""Witifhtrydher"").
  23. Here're two more bugs in the GUI of Defraggler. In two cases the user is asked for confirmation. But no matter what language I choose the language always is dutch ("Ja" and "Nee") instead of e.g. "Yes" and "No" (english), "Ja" and "Nein" (german) or ""Oui"" or "Non" (french). See the pictures in the attachment for more details. In the pictures I choose the DF language to be english.
  24. Bugs in Defraggler v2.04: A. I have two (logical) drives C: and D: and it seems DF behaves weird. I did the following: 1. Started DF. 2. Analyzed drive C: and there were no defragmented files. 3. Analyzed drive D: and then were 3 defragmented files. 4. Now, when I returned to drive C: then DF didn't update the view of the list of defragmented files. DF still displays the file list of drive D: See attachment. This weird behaviour occurs only before I defrag - at least - one drive. And this behaviour didn't occur in previous versions of DF. B. When are the Piriform folks going to fix the ""Defrag free space"" bug/issue ???? This bug has been around since DF v1.18 and was NEVER fixed ! It's just a matter of swapping two pointers !!! When I want to perform ""Defrag Free Space"" then DF v2.04 actually performs a ""Defrag Free Space (Allowing Extra Defragmentation)"" and when I want to perform a "Defrag Free Space (allowing fragmentation)"" then DF v2.04 actually performs a ""Defrag Free Space"".
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