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  1. Bump. Speccy v1.24.632 still reports the CPU information on the motherboard line.
  2. Another bump. Problem is still present in the latest Speccy v1.21.491 the GPU temperature is also still missing. Please fix it Devs.
  3. I have just tried the new Speccy 1.20.446 released today & both problems are still present.
  4. -Thomas-

    CPU-Z & GPU-Z

    GPU-Z 0.6.7 has been released.
  5. Hi . I have installed the latest version of Speccy on my system & noticed that the CPU Info is repeating itself again on the Motherboard line. This seems like a bug in the program to me. I also noticed that that the Graphics card temperature is not displaying, where it was present in the previous Speccy version, As also reported by some other members on this forum. Hopefully these issues can be fixed in the next release.
  6. -Thomas-

    CPU-Z & GPU-Z

    GPU-Z v0.6.1 has been released! See Here
  7. Hi Jesferkicks. Speccy is a free program, there is no paid version. Could you post a screenshot of the Summary tab ? Also, the devs may want to see some debug info. Follow the instuctions here to provide this info.
  8. -Thomas-

    CPU-Z & GPU-Z

    GPU-Z v0.60 has been released! See Here.
  9. Hi. I have installed the latest version of Speccy v1.16.317 on my Toshiba L500 laptop. Speccy loads up the information for my system, However the loading status circle at the bottom just keeps going around & around & around & does not seem to stop at all. I would also like to ask if it is possible to add support so the Graphics Card & Motherboard temperature display ? AIDA64 can see this information, So hoping it can be added to Speccy aswell. Below is a debug log with all options set as I didn't know which ones to select for this particular problem. Speccy_log1_16_3173-3-2012_20-20.txt
  10. Hello! I am running the latest version of Speccy v1.13.276 on my laptop and the GPU and Motherboard temperature are not showing at all ? See Picture below. I am just wondering if those sections are supposed to be displaying the temperature or not ? On my other laptop those sections display the temperature, but not on this laptop.
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