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  1. Thanks, I'll try it. Perhaps it won't cause high CPU usage any more.
  2. All the newest versions are either Betas or Release Candidates (RC). Seems Adobe knows Flash needs to be (dramatically) improved. Don't know if I am going to install the latest version any time soon. But the Adobe website also said that v11.1 wasn't succesfully installed on my laptop. Ouch. I guess I'll try to re-install v11.1 properly first. @Andavari: Very good idea. The Flash uninstaller should be available at Filehippo as well. But then the 32 bit and 64 bit uninstaller version should merged into one program and that's not the case, according to Adobe. Still some work to be done for Adobe. The wesbite has become (a bit) more user friendly.
  3. Adobe Flash has advanced to version But it still sucks. When I open a folder with one or more *.FLV files in it then Windows (XP) becomes (more) sluggish / less responsive and it takes Windows Explorer (significant) more time to display the content of those (and other) folders. It also takes XP (significantly) more time to switch between running programs. Taskmanager shows that from time to time CPU usage spikes up higher and usage even can reach 100% for a number of minutes. I extract those *.FLV files from the temporary internet files folders. I didn't install Quicktime with this or the previous version of Flash. So, that's not the cause for this sluggish behaviour. Do other user have similar problems ?
  4. Piriform didn't adress this problem in the CC v3.17.
  5. Is an employer no longer satisfied with the results he gets from a GOOGLE search ?
  6. Willy2

    VLC player problem

    My PC is an old HP laptop from 2004 with an AMD CPU with XP. But I am going back to the previous version of VLC player.
  7. Willy2

    VLC player problem

    Ouch. My mistake. The latest version is indeed 2.0.0.
  8. I recently downloaded and installed/upgraded to VLC player version 2.2.0. But now when I try to play video files then the audio is OK. But VLC completely messes up the video part. It then displays some sort of what I would call a mozaic. And it sometimes reports a video file is damaged. Weird. Because when I play the file with Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player or REAL Player then both audio and video are O.K. I tried to adjust a number of settings but to no avail. Does anyone else experience the same problems ? Do I need to upgrade the audio & video codecs ?
  9. Surprise, surprise !! Play this file http://www.4shared.com/document/3aCosDjd/final2.html with this application: http://www.globfx.com/products/swfplayer/ When I watched this file then it confirmed I never should join Facebook (any time (soon)).
  10. The Piriform folks still need to improve the CC v3.15 registry tool GUI. The story below presumes the registry tool has found a number of issues. This bug shows up when the user has manually highlighted and selected a number of issues from the list. When the user wants to remove issues one by one by clicking on “”remove issue”” then the GUI always behaves correctly. Then the amount of highlighted lines is reduced by one when the user removes one issue. When the user wants to remove a number of (NOT ALL !!!) issues then the GUI can behave incorrectly. When the user has selected one or more issues that are at the very bottom of the list with issues and wants to remove those issues by clicking on “”remove all issues”” then the GUI behaves correctly. But when the user has highlighted and selected one or more issues from the list (NOT including one or more issues at the very bottom of the list) then the GUI bug shows up. When the user clicks on “remove all issues”” then the issues are removed but the program still shows one or more lines highlighted.
  11. There's an option in the "Windows"" pane of CC called ""Environment path"". I ticked that box, ran CC but it seems to not have an impact on the MSDOS environment variable PATH. Or is this meant for something else ? Does anyone know what impact ticking this box has ? Recently I ran into some trouble because the PATH= variable was corrupted. Three programs that used extensively MSDOS batch commands failed to run because they depended on PATH being set set to a specific value. Only after that I became interested in this particular CC option.
  12. Tweaking.com has a new program out: Advanced System Tweaker. Readers of this thread are encouraged to download it and test the program. Post your comments on the Tweaking.com forum website.
  13. In RC v1.42 the user can choose to activate the ""Advanced Mode"" then three extra tabs show up (Preview, Info, Header). But the program doesn't provide the user the opportunity to go back to, what I would call, the ""Basic"" mode. So, I would suggest to add, in the next version of RC, an extra button in the ""advanced"" mode that would make those three tabs disappear and would restore the ""Basic"" mode. See also the picture in the attachment.
  14. Here's another (small) programming bug and that bug shows up when one changes the language in RECUVA (RC). I ran RC with the dutch language selected upon start up and then changed the language to english. I wanted to undelete pictures only. So I clicked on the arrow next to the drop box (see inside the red circle in the attachment) but only dutch words showed up in the list. Then I choose ""Afbeeldingen"" (dutch for ""pictures"") and then RC correctly shows the english word ""pictures"". So, it's clear that RC forgets to refresh the content of that particular dropbox list when the user changes the language. It's nothing fatal but a tiny thing the RC developers overlooked.
  15. Thanks, Hazelnut. The file is used in Windows Repair. Since I use XP I know it's present in XP but don't know whether it's in Win 7 and Vista as well. I checked on a friend's computer (win 7) and didn't find it. I thought it was removed but it looks like it's quite normal to be missing in Win 7. But I would like to know if this file can be found in Vista as well. It should be in ""%systemroot%\syswow64\wbem"" in Vista. I tested the *.bat batch files, used in Windows Repair, (Tweaking.com) and came across a number of issues/flaws. And this was one of them.
  16. I have a question for both Win 7 and Vista users. Does there exist a file called ""WBEMUPGD.DLL" in both Operating Systems ? And in which folder is that file located ? To find that file one should/can use a program called ""Everything"" from ""voidtools"". http://www.voidtools.com/
  17. Cluster tips could contain some sensitive information. And ADS can be used as well to do ""infiltrate"" one's computer system. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/windows-alternate-data-streams/
  18. I ran the program Windows Repair with the option ""Set Services to default value"". ticked. But now my laptop doesn't respond anymore when I push the ""scan"" button on the scanner. I have a question for those who read this and have a scanner: In what state is the service called ""WIA Windows Image Aquisition"" on your computer ? Demand/Manual or Auto ? It's now "Demand"" on my laptop. Should it be ""Auto"" ?
  19. The last free version of AdAware I used was a nightmare. Took too much CPU time and slowed all other programs down in the say first 5 minutes after a start up.
  20. CC (v3.12) has another quirk/flaw/error. It also reports the wrong amount of diskspace wiped when one empties the Recycle Bin (RB). Here's what I did: 1. I noticed that the RB had three deleted in it files with a total of ~70 Mb in size. I manually removed those three files. 2. Ran CC and it reported that cleaning the RB would free up about ~70 Mb of diskspace. Weird, very weird !!!
  21. It seems my previous post with this suggestion was pulled from/deleted from this part of the forum. Or was something else wrong ? Anyhow, I'll post my suggestion again Speccy shows the state of Window Services (Stopped, Started) but it could also show in addition whether a service is Automatic, Demand (Manual ??) or Disabled.
  22. I know it has been brought forward - at least - once but I still think this still needs to be changed in a future version of CC. I continue to dislike the current situation in CC. -- Remove the ""Wipe free diskspace"" option from both the ""Windows"" pane and the ""Settings"" (under ""Options"") section. -- Move/combine all ""wipe disk"" in the current ""Drive wiper"" section (under ""Tools""). -- Provide an explanation what the risks are when a user uses one or more options in that newly modified ""Drive wiper"" section. -- Perhaps there's a way to avoid that ""wipe free disk space"" avoids deleting the System Restore Points. E.g. avoid cleaning the last 1, 1.2% or 1.5% of a logical drive ?
  23. A. Introduce an option (by e.g. ticking a box) that automatically deletes one or more System Restore Points (SRP). (Of course, NOT the last SRP). B. When I let CC clean on or more SRPs then I have noticed (thanks to e.g. ExplorerXP) that CC doesn't remove all SRP info. Does anyone know why this happens ? Has this already been discussed/explained on this forum ?. This leads to an additional suggestion. -- Simply delete ALL SRP information. Suggestions A and B (See above) both can be done in a number of ways: -- Delete all SRPs (except for the last one). -- Delete all SRPs older than e.g. 1 or 2 weeks or 1 or 2 months. -- Delete all SRPs except for the e.g. 3, 4, 5 or perhaps 6 newest ones.
  24. For those (Hazelnut ???) who want to write their own batch file in order to set one or more Window Services to their own favourite state, (e.g. after running Windows Repair) here's the Microsoft's Technet website page with more info about the SC command: http://technet.micro...y/bb490995.aspx WARNING: Only for advanced users !!!
  25. Concerning the ongoing discussion on the topic of Windows Services: 1. At TWEAKING.com (http://www.tweaking.com) there's a program available, called System Information Tool (SIT), that allows to user to see, among other things, in what state the Window services are (Stopped or Started) and whether a service is Disabled, Manual or Automatic. So, before running Windows Repair with the Reset Windows Services box ticked, the user can create an overview/snapshot of what the lastest state of those services were. With this knowledge the user can put individual services back to the user's preferred state. Because I know there's a MS-DOS (cmd.exe) command that allows the user to manipulate Windows services. And then the user can put a number of these commands in a batch file in order to put a number of services back to the user's preferred state with one mouse click after running WindowsRepair. 2. Windows Repair v1.5.1 is out. It seems Black Viper's info on Window services isn't flawless/up to date and that's why this (version of this) program (WindowsRepair) needs more testing. Please post any comments concerning Windows Repair on the Tweaking.com forum and NOT in this thread. (Hazelnut ???)
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