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  1. Trying to determine which option I must untick to leave Windows 7 Reliability Monitor data intact. Thought it might be MS Management Console, but it wasn't. Anyone know ? Thanks, Nigel
  2. Thanks, Nergal. It was WMI that had broken on the system concerned. Nige
  3. Running the latest Speccy on a friend's old XP SP3 box gives the above error for every line item in Speccy, both on the summary and detail pages. Nothing in Event Logs when Speccy runs, so no idea what this could be. Any advice welcome. Cheers, Nige
  4. Even though I have asked Defraggler to exclude D:\* ( the drive letter assigned to my DVD drive ) it still locks it when defragging one of my hard drives. See attached screen snip. This means when I put a DVD in the drive while Defraggler is doing its stuff, I can't read any content from it. I have to stop Defraggler, close it, and reload the DVD to be able to work on the files. This can't be correct, so it would be great if this could be addressed. Cheers, Nige
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