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  1. I don't know who screamed loudest me or my son !!!!!!!!
  2. As a long time fan of Queen, owning alot of their albums, I agree with JDPower it is definatley a very poor song and I would think alot of the Queen fans would agree,the band should be remembered as they were not as this sort of rubbish !
  3. hi Craig s, I wouldn't worry about this too much, alot of the "to be removed" is cleaned on shutdown.
  4. Here in the UK we had our mothering sunday on the 18th of march.but thanks anyway.
  5. I checked todayfor my updates even though i have it so it installs them automatically. This is the message it came up with, Important: You've asked us not to show one or more high-priority updates but your computer might be at risk until they are installed. as far as I am aware I haven't done or changed anything to do with this ,so Iam wondering what to do about this,can anyone help?
  6. Thanks for the reply, at least I know I'm not the only one! strange how I don't get the e-mail notifications though.
  7. Over the last couple of days I have noticed that when I have recieved a personal message The right hand corner tells me but, the little drop down box is no longer there,also I do not recieve notification in my normal e-mail ,where as I did.I wonder if anyone is having the same problem?
  8. Here are three of mine in no particular order: 1.Lynrd skynrd "freebird 2.Oasis "morning glory 3.Bob Dylan "forever young.
  9. Sorry I haven't answered sooner been very busy, Thankyou for your replies, I know nobody has been on and changed anything on the computer this was the first thing I checked. I'll have a look at the display card to see if I can figure out whats going on. thanks again.
  10. Can somebody please help,as of yesterday my colours on screen keep changing, I don't know if you can see it well on the picture but, some of the page is pink and the other is a light green colour. when I click on start the left hand side is green and the right side is pink,this also happens when I am in i.e 7 although the address bar at the top is all light green. If I hover over the scroll button at the right of the page,this goes yellow! as do any button that I click on. What is going on? I have checked settings in opera and i.e and nothing has changed so can anybody explain whats happen
  11. Thankyou Hazelnut for that link. I now know I can delete the folder safely as it does recreate itself.
  12. Thanks for that,downloaded it to my usb, liked it so much I am now using opera as a browser on my desktop
  13. No I haven't tried thunderbird In c:docs/settings/user/,local settings/application data/identities,when I open this all dbx folders are there ,if I go to deleted items it says there is 13.0mb. can i safely delete this folder and will it recreate itself if I do? Also the inbox folder shows 4.0mb when there is nothing there.
  14. To be honest with you Rridgely I haven't got a clue, All I know is messages deleted will sometimes reappear in the deleted box.
  15. Hi everyone, I have had this strange problem for a couple of weeks now, When I delete my messages they do go, however sometimes when deleting more messages I have recieved perhaps the day .after, the messages I deleted the day before have returned to my deleted items. I am experiencing no other problems as far as I am aware. JUst wondering what is causing this?
  16. incy wincy


    I find this interesting as I have spybot,and the only place I have certain cookies to be ignored is in CCleaner . They have never been wiped out by any other cleaner.
  17. As a rule I run all my apps once every week.but CCleaner is run every day before I shut down.
  18. Great pictures !.I now have a different desktop.
  19. I am still having problems with this Before I originally posted the problem I had deleted cookies from everything and out of favourites .ran CCleaner etc,nothing seems to work for me
  20. Since the change over to the new forum,I was hoping that log in problems for me would be solved. They have not been solved , of anything it is worse! This is becoming very tiresome,despite the assurances that things would be better with the switch. Is anyone having this problem? p.s I am sticking with the old style forum as the new one is too pale, it makes it hard to see which are new posts ,due to the icon itself not standing out.
  21. After reading what Hazelnut had said about the panda nanoscan,I had a look in my C/windows system32 I found not only the nanoscan but also a 13.1mb folder of panda active scan. Why do online scanners put folders in system32?should there not be some online info telling you that this will happen If I hadn't read this thread I would never have known.
  22. Hazelnut, This is exactly the same problem I had when uninstalled rklauncher!I lost all my pictures aswell Unfortunatley for me my pics weren't still in my docs they had disappeared completley. I panicked as I had no external hard drive at that time,luckily somebody recommended the program resoration, I downloaded this and it worked I got back nearly all of the pics though some were unrecoverable. Since then i have an external hard drive and left rklauncher alone.
  23. I remember having mcafee on my old computer,it came with it already installed, After a few weeks of slow computer and various other annoyances I uninstalled mcafee. The funny thing was once mcafee was gone I found out how stupid it really was ,one example being ,it had blocked e-mails from itself regarding them as spam!!!!
  24. I am also from the uk and peanut and jam sandwiches are a regular in our household . I would like to pose the question; when you have covered both slices of the bread which do you put on the top, the slice with jam or the slice with peanut butter on ?? My son always puts the slice with the jam on top ,when I ask him why, he says he doesn't know he just does.
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