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    I relied on IE options & ATF before I made the decision to use CCleaner after much research in other forums. I only recently found the option of cookies in Spybot after reading some old posts because I was losing my home page settings. I do not have many cookies that I want to keep so it wasn't a big deal to save them in Spybot & CCleaner. After giving it more thought, & reading the responses in this thread & forum, it does make sense that cookies are not hidden like malware can be where you would need to run more than one cleaner. Also I wanted the confirmation that just becau
  2. Chevygal


    I am looking at Spybot/Mode Advanced/Settings/Ignore Cookies. I have cookies listed there from sites that I have visited earlier today including this forum. I have put the green check mark next to cookies I want to keep in Spybot & also in CCleaner. I will try to stop the habit of doing a quick deletion of cookies in IE6 options. I just want to add that I found the beginner's guide & forum a great help in learning CCleaner. Also, I like picking my own options till I learn more about each option.
  3. Chevygal


    Thanks for confirming the cookie deletion for me. I asked because I usually don't use Spybot & CCleaner on the same day. I will make it a point to visit the sites where I want to save the cookie & then run both of them.
  4. Chevygal


    I am a new user of CCleaner & still learning with Spybot. My question is, after I select the cookies to keep in CCleaner, do I need to also save them in Spybot? I also use ATF cleaner & IE6 options occasionally. Do all these products find the same cookies or is this overkill?
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