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  1. that means nothing i have a loveheart as my avatar and i was thought to be a boy!!!!!!
  2. Just so you know I am a girl aswell
  3. I wasn't sulking (honest)i just wondered what was exactly happening thanks for taking the time to reply though.
  4. After the recent changes in the rules,i thought these were not allowed so i had to change mine i see that some are still active so could someone please clarify ?
  5. hi,Mangix i know it's not got any malware in my system as i posted a hjt yesterday which came back clean. not a real problem as such just curious as to why it happens although today it didn't do it !!
  6. i use: ewido avg free cwshredder spybot s&d spyware blaster and of course CCleaner
  7. hi,as it says in the title i'm having a problem .every time i turn on the computer it comes up saying "firewall is not turned on my computer might be at risk "i have had a few probs lately (see recent posts) but this is a new one. i know my firewall is on because when it happened i checked it ,this message comes up in taskbar periodically when using computer what is causing this does anybody know?
  8. incy wincy

    S&D 1.4

    thankyou for the advice hazelnut went to link and just switched to another download mirror checked boxes one at a time and it worked perfect.
  9. incy wincy

    S&D 1.4

    Hi all, just downloaded the latest s&d 1.4 something has gone wrong. when i finished the download i went for the latest updates which was fine ,chose the ones i wanted and clicked on download ,but for some reason it comes up with the message "bad checksum".i wondered if i had gone wrong somewhere so tried again but no joy. i uninstalled then reinstalled but, it keeps coming up with the same message. can anybody help?
  10. ok,i understand this all now. once again thankyou for the help.x
  11. thankyou all for the help and advice given so,i can use one of the other progs you recomend without too much hassle .one last thing will they run in conjunction with what i have?
  12. does your defrag not take care of system reg then? and i thought CCleaner had a reg cleaner if not the progs you mentioned do exactly what ?
  13. downloaded CCleaner 1.23 just wondering when update is out?
  14. c:drive is 33.2gb total free is 25.5gb d;drive is 4.02GB total free is 360 MB
  15. ok,gone to task manager what should i be looking at to find ram?and how do i find how full my hard drive is. thanks for being so patient
  16. i sound so thick but,just remind me where task manager is?does 248mb of ram sound right?
  17. just bear with me i am not a computer whizz where do i go to look?
  18. yep, defrag is also done once a week
  19. Hi all recently i have been experiencing computer slow down,i have little in my start up so i doubt it could be that, i do a complete scan every week with ewido,s&d,cwshredderand avg i also have spyware blaster and update regular nothing has been found. would a memory increase help?or could it be something else,any help would be g rateful.thanks p.s i forgot to mention i have CCleaner 1.23
  20. CONGRATULATIONS RRIDGLEY a much deserved reward for all the hard work you put into the forum.
  21. after the recent upsets i think another moderator is sorely needed,as hazelnut wrote capman,tarun rridgley and andavari seem to be the best bet these people are always here to help no matter how trivial problems are.
  22. thankyou Tarun,helpful as ever
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