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  1. Since the last update 1.37,everytime I click to add an emoticon to my post ,the emoticon box flashes then disappeares. In order to see them i have to restore my CCleaner page down ,as the emoticon box is behind it. I use I.E 7.
  2. incy wincy

    Nice list

    You can'tplay on line I don't think. I have tux racer and it is very addictive, I take up the challenge with Hazelnut aswell !
  3. incy wincy

    Log In

    Does this mean that every 7 days you have to log in again? If the password part of the cookie expires after that amount of time, why am I still having to log in every day ?
  4. incy wincy

    Log In

    Does this mean I won't have the problem anymore?
  5. incy wincy

    Log In

    Just a little update to this, adding the CCleaner.com cookie had appeared to fix the problem,however today I have had to log in again. Any more ideas ?
  6. incy wincy

    Log In

    Thanks for that Woody, no I hadn't seen the thread, I added the CCleaner.com cookie closed CCleaner then revisited and didn't have to log in so, hopefully it's worked.
  7. incy wincy

    Log In

    I am still having to log in every visit, even after doing everything suggested. It's not a major problem but, is quite annoying all the same.
  8. I've now only 12 days left ,after having a look at these I might choose Avast.
  9. I have CAantivirus,which is due for renewal in 13 days, and don't I know it !! For 2 days now,when on the internet every so often I get a full page pop-up with the CA homepage telling me this. I am now getting fed up with this as I do find this kind of notification intrusive. Now they might think I have some sort of memory loss to which they have to remind me to "renew my license in 13 days ".unfortunatley for them I don't have a memory problem,and after 13 days I will not have CA as a problem either! I shall not be "renewing my license in 13 days"I will be moving on to another AV. I do
  10. It's not for me ! the kids use it (honest)
  11. Thanks for the link Hazelnut,I remember the first one,this is very clever work.
  12. Hi Mike, I've replied to this in hjt analysis, as far as i am aware you have to have firefox for this to occur I don't have firefox.
  13. I wouldn't have thought so,I have the same secruity progs I've had for a long time superantispy is the only new one I have downloaded recently.I haven't any tweaks that I'm aware of
  14. No it didn't work, it doesn't want to paste anywhere.the option is always greyed out when I right click to paste .
  15. yep copied some txt but nothing appeared just tried this again and this time it worked.
  16. Rridgely, thanks for the replies I'd already tried dial-a-fix and that didn't work, also tried your other suggestion start>run and typing in clipbrd.exe,and that doesn't work either haven't got a clue what to do now.any more ideas? Mushu 13 suggested that my mouse could be a problem as i recently purchased a new one, I know that is not the problem as I was having this problem before .
  17. Thanks Mike ,I probably will do hjt logjust to be on the safe side,all my scans come up clean but,you never know.
  18. thanks MikeW for your reply, Had a look in the registry (scary place) found the Applnit-DLLs and there is no value listed on the right of it . not too sure what to do now as registries are something i know basically nothing about.
  19. Hi Andavari,I trust you are feeling better? Right I've tried everything you suggested,no difference, I can select text and choose copy but,it will not paste into word or notepad, option is greyed out.
  20. I have a problem with my copy and paste, it will not work all the time. has anybody any ideas where i can start looking for a solution for this problem. my os is windows xp.
  21. better go to other section then, don't want to get told off! give me a second I'll see you there
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