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    icq uin

    hello everybody just a simple question,could someone please explain to me what ICQ UIN means in edit profile? thanks.
  2. i would personally like MR CLEAN to go back to school and learn how to write and spell words correctly.djlizard would have had a field day!!
  3. unfortunatly it doesn't matter whether it's new or not if they want it they will take it
  4. i'm not swedish!! no only joking just curious is all
  5. why a new version so soon after the release of 1.21?
  6. Thank god it wasn't only me ! I thought I'd done something wrong p.s everything is running as normal now.
  7. I was in the forum earlier today, as advised I downloaded spyware blaster with no probs however since then it has just taken me over 10 minutes to get back on here with the opening page freezing then disappearing just a coincidence?
  8. incy wincy

    Cilit bang

    clicked onto the link but it won't play
  9. 33 year old lady and learning in the world of computers with help from you guys
  10. I couldn't agree more,this site provides great support to a lot of people.It would be a great loss to see it go ,
  11. incy wincy


    I do but I think I only do this to see how much rubbish I've collected since the last clean!!
  12. First of all I would like to thankyou all for helping me out with an earlier problem much appreciated Now my father inlaw has a strange thing going on with his scanner ,he has a canon canoscan lide 20,he can get the scanner up on screen but, when he goes to san a box comes up saying "unable to find twain source"this has only happened recently,so it is a bit of a puzzle. He has uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail :he has looked everywhere for twain but it has gone please can anyone advise he is on windows xp aol, with avg,ewido s&d CCleaner and spyware. thanks in advance
  13. didn't mean that to sound awful,i actually found what you put quite helpful. thanks for all your answers
  14. thanks mum I will do that straight away
  15. Thanks for your continued support all of you now,at the risk of sounding really daft I am not very computer minded so could you explain what you mean by hard drive cranking,stupid ciscv andwhat things in the task manager should run at 99%/100%? Also I have no idea what a Belarc Advisor log is! I know I'm a pest.
  16. I mean for example, when I close spybot or outlook express it will peel slowly from the top of the page to the bottom revealing my desktop this does not cause a problem but would like to know why? : thanks incy wincy
  17. Sorry I took so long in replying to you ,when the pages peel,I am not scanning anything,It doesn't happen on ewido mainly on s&d and outlook express. As far as I am aware nothing suspicious is in my computer but,knowing my luck When you asked how much memory I have does 25600MB sound right? If I already have protection on my computer ,why do you recomend that I get adaware too?x
  18. Hello to you all,I am a newbie and I was wondering if anyone can help me ? I am on windows xp and have agv,ewido cwshredder and spybot s&d. A very strange thing happened the other day whiilst using sometimes when I click off something that page will peel slowly until it has gone. it doesn't happen all the time please can somebody explain? :)thanks in advance
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