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  1. thanks for your replies,much appriciated
  2. Hello everyone, Basically i had a links folder in my favourites menu,it was empty so i deleted it. I have done this several times now,yet when i turn the computer back on there it is!when this happens i have gone into programs etc,but it isn't there.the only place the folder appears in is in my favourites.whats going on?
  3. I personally can not see why you need an extra exit button,as long as you can close cleaner when youv'e done. you could have 20 exit buttons but you can only use one at a time.
  4. newhotness this is what happened to me. when i was on soulseek,i had just finished downloading a song that i wanted. somebody was uploading from me already. then in the space where i download someone came in and started to download a song onto me,i let it finish and went to my music and there was the song.i had not requested this song and it wasn't from the person who was uploading. can they do this?
  5. thanks for thre reply, by the way somebody was uploading from me,then suddenly someone started downloading! i was curious so i let it finish when it did i went into my music and the song was there so how come? when i didn't ask for it are people allowed to do this?
  6. incy wincy


    Hi,can anybody help? I have recently downloaded soulseek which i really like .i triad shareaza and it didn't impress but thats my opinion. In soulseek i can download no problem yet i've noticed nobody uploads from me,at the bottom of the screen i can see the search term for songs i have .all my music can be shared with others so why ? also,how do i get to know my max download speed?thanks.
  7. Sorry ,do you mean download firefox set as default then remove and put back i.e? if so then i'll give it a go.
  8. It maybe an easy thing to fix,but i can't open firefox coz i don't have it!!
  9. Thanks for the info Glenn I'll see what i can find out. much appreciated.
  10. Hi Glenn, thanks for the reply.this has only recently started happening,my settings have not been changed at all. it's puzzleing me as i have not had a problem with link attachments sent to me before.
  11. Hello all. about a week or so ago i noticed that if somebody sent me a link in an e-mail when i go to click on it even though the link is hilighted nothing happens.In order for me to access it i have to copy and paste.does anybody know why this happening? thanks.
  12. Do away with the exit altogether and replace with a tab that says "close" instead!!
  13. Greenknight, thankyou for the info,i did what it said for me to do but,it's still showing up as changed so i guess i'll have to delete file and let it rebuild as it said i might have to.
  14. Are you saying that it could be a possible virus then? My others didn't pick up anything. I have ewido,cwshredder,s&d spyware blaster and CCleaner
  15. incy wincy

    AVG scan

    Hi guys, today when doing my weekly scan i noticed in avg that when it started to do the scan as it runs down the system saying "quick checked"inC:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32dll which i have 2 of.one of them says result ok yet the other one says changed .I have not noticed this before what is it?thankyou.
  16. Here is my little effort.
  17. As Greenight said,I myself have always installed on top of the older version and never had any problems.
  18. Many Happy Returns Newhotness!!
  19. I also use AVG free and have not had any problems in the time i have had it (nearly a year) nor have i ever had to reboot after updates. I personally will keep using it.
  20. incy wincy


    hello all, for some reason CCleaner forum and topic pages are loading really slow ,this has only started in the last couple of days . everything else is running as normal and all scans etc. have come back normal has anyone got any ideas
  21. I love Kat Vs monday morning..so funny
  22. capman, what i mean is that when i open my favourites menu and open a program from there ,the page opens with Tiscali at the top instead of google but since i have deleted Tiscali browser ,this doesn't happen anymore .sorry about not making that clear .
  23. thankyou Tarun,just one more thing does this mean that once i get rid of it will CCleaner etc,come up with google at the top the page instead of Tiscali which is what it does now?
  24. thanks capman, i know its in there i just wondered if i can remove safely as Tiscali is my internet provider if so,will it affect that? the reason i ask is that when i open certain programs i.e CCleaner ,instead of it being google it is still Tiscali.does that make sense?
  25. hello all, I have internet explorer and google as my homepage. can i get rid of Tiscali 10.0 browser?please can somebody advise .
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