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  1. XP SP3.... In Windows/Win Explorer Module the RUN (In Start Menu) Box is NOT Checked but I lose the Start/RUN (memory) / prior entries when Running CC. Is there a way to preserve them?
  2. Craig S

    CCleaner Issues

    1984 or Anyone: may I presume you have All or Most All Boxes checked when running CC? In Registry I Chk most BUT I'm chicken to check Applications, and in Cleaner module I check Nothing in Advanced section. Are you putting Checks there too? Always Backup but pain tolerance is Low. Thanks for any comments - insight.
  3. Latest CC-- In the "Cleaner" module why would I get a much larger volume "To Be Removed" Vs. lower Vol actually Removed? Not all boxes are Chkd & Nothing in Advanced sec is chkd -- I presume Volume amounts Only Relate to Chk'd boxes. Any ideas appreciated. -
  4. Thanks for the Reply. Nothing worked but I'll just continue with FF in background believing that all I'd have to do is deal with the Firefox cache deletes manually.
  5. 1.26.218 / 1.25.201 I'm Win Me/NOD32 AV/No Firewall/Spybot S&D/SpywareBlaster/BHO Demon Isues Tab Works; Cleaner (Windows & Applications) Progress Bar Freezes after going all the way and Won't Report Results UNLESS Firefox 1.5 is Running in background, too. Get message FF has to Close to Clean Cache, BUT at least I get the Report. If FF Not Running, Progress Bar Freezes. Had Back-versioned to 1.24.180 Which Use to Work when 1.25.201 Did Not, BUT Now it exhibits same issue.
  6. Double-Posted and Deleted this screen
  7. EDITED: 1.24.180 Still Works - 1.25.201 Newest is the Culprit Win Me/Office XP/NOD32 AV/Stand-alone desktop/CC Ver 1.25.201/Deleted & Re-installed CC today Ver 1.25.201 Analyze is Freezing after completing the dark scan bar and won't Display Scan Results text ("Issues" Scan does Work!); Analyze's "Run Cleaner" Tab does darken for use but the Scan Bar Froze, too, after I did a "Blind" Clean. I Disabled some Modules in my AV that had affected Office Update Scan and because of that or coincidentally, the verbiage displayed twice after Analyze Scan but NOW won't return. Any ideas? Will jus
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