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  1. So do I. Play it safe...keep them both.
  2. Oh. I've had that version for what seems like years now. 1.5 was the first Revo I ever had. Got it about a week or so ago.
  3. YoKenny, you can alter filehippos' behavior to ignore betas, etc. while it's scanning online or within the system tray icon.
  4. Coronagold

    Internet Speed

    Yeah, it stinks when you have killer cable speeds and the server you link to for a download is running a wopping 300 baud.
  5. I know. It looks like some kind of Cthulhu salon.
  6. McAfee is a hog that costs money. AVG is free and good.
  7. Coronagold


    I have Auslogic RegDefrag, but not the other one. I'll looky.
  8. This is for hazelnut, because I know she's dying to see a bigger pic of it if she hasn't already seen it before at Dark Roasted Blend.
  9. Thanks Dennis, I know what you mean. Thanks Woody. It's kinda fun to see the icons on other PCs to see what they have. I noticed FF, CC, AVGAS, and Hijack This.
  10. I never noticed this in Photobucket before. Right at the very bottom of the page. How ergonomic. Now I know how to do thumbnails! Yay me! Thanks Dennis!
  11. I sent you a PM Dennis. I think I may have gotten it.
  12. I would like nothing better than to post a linking thumbnail of large pics in my posts, however I have no idea how and nobody seems willing to tell me whenever I ask, like it's a Masonic Lodge secret or something, and trying to see how it's done by implementing the 'quote' feature doesn't reveal much either, so here are a few pics the old fashioned url way. old destop old desktop with Apophysis running new desktop an oldie but goodie If anyone can tell me how to 'thumbnail' pics in posts without incurring the wrath of Number One please let me know. Thank you. --------------- Dennis, eh? Please impart.
  13. Better run that Flash drive with a malware finder and make sure it's 'clean'.
  14. I'm gonna give that a try when I get back to my sis's house tonight. Thanks!
  15. Coronagold


    I don't think CC uninstalls at a deeper level than the Control Panel. Uninstall from CC just brings up each programs' usual uninstaller. What CC is 'picking up' after uninstalls are deeper registry bits. I had the same thing happen after I uninstalled a trial version of Adobe CS3. It took up 2 whole screens' worth of CS3 MSI entries that had no way of being deleted. But they're tiny and don't affect the system at all.
  16. I only have 1 from Nirsoft...VolumeMouse. That app is as great as a must-have FF extention.
  17. Neat. I have a few of his apps. I didn't know he made so many. That BSOD Screensaver sounds like a riot.
  18. Well, they must be extremely weak viruses and/or targeting pretty darn weak PCs and networks. When was the last time you heard of any company or network getting a serious virus outbreak? Last year? At 15 - 20,000 a day, these are pretty good antivirus programs that we have.
  19. Coronagold

    Registry cleaning

    I'm just an average user of CC but if you're not sure, run System Restore (on XP) to create a System Restore point before you run CCleaner just to be on the safe side. What it cleans may vary from user to user, depending on what applications and peripherals you have. The 2 main functions in CCleaner are 1)Cleaner and 2)Registry. Also in the Windows the Application tabs you'll have the choice of what to keep & what to ditch. Do you visit websites that keep your log name and password memorized for you? Then you might want to uncheck 'Cookies' for now so you won't have to hunt down names & passwords later. In Cleaner you can run "Analyze" and take a gander at what it's gathered for cleaning. Nothing is removed yet. Keep in mind there'll most likely be a ton of temporary internet cache composing the bulk of it if you don't currently have your browser running at the same time you run CC. (That's safe to give the ol' heave ho.) But look at the rest of it. See if you see any names of apps that you don't want to tamper with and uncheck them from the Windows or Application tabs as well, if they're listed. When you're satisfied press "Run Cleaner". The deeper app is Registry. I've never had a problem with this but maybe that's just me. From what I've seen from other reg cleaners this one is the safest. Run "Scan For Issues", look at what it targeted and what dysfunctional category they're listed under. Nothing is removed yet. Uncheck any things you see that make you a bit leery and run "Fix Selected Issues". You did remember to run System Restore earlier didn't you? Good. You're right as rain. Have a cookie. No, I'm not an Admin or a Moderator, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Oh, and yes it will take you a fair amount of time to learn all of CCs' little goodies, but not a humungous amount. If your PC is running just fine you don't 'need' to do a registry scan, but we do because all of our names are Felix Unger and we hate dirt.
  20. Neat feature, but I like doing it manually just so I can watch it rip and tear up junk files out of FF right before my very eyeballs. Something warm and fuzzy about that.
  21. Oh yeah, definitely backed up with Erunt before I began. I'll leave the back-up file as is for a month just to make sure things are still okey dokey.
  22. Thanks for the links! Wow, that Revo is one cool intense app. Helped me get rid of all those "CS3 Photoshop trial" MSIs that kept ghost-flooding CCleaner for half a year. And QuickTime is toast! I can finally do a clean re-install.
  23. I have an old Photoshop that I mess around with, but I've never tried transparency or layers. Guess now's a good time to start.
  24. I bet a programmers' popularity would soar if they created an app who's sole purpose was to completely uninstall QuickTime (along with the 10 billion registry items it creates). God forbid you lose one item of QT. Good luck uninstalling or re-installing over it. You can't.
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