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  1. There were a lot so I said half a million. I tend to exaggerate in situations like this. If there's an entry that gives the number, I didn't see it. Thanks for the info. Sounds like I don't need to worry about them. I never ran Recuva before and was curious.
  2. Exactly. I remember reading that post. I was hoping he'd reply.
  3. I gotta say,....what nag? The 5 second Avira splash screen? That doesn't bother me.
  4. Coronagold

    File Deletion

    How do I go about this? Everything in Recuva is geared toward recovery. It lists half a million files that are partially recoverable, totally lost, or fully recoverable. As far as I'm concerned, they're dead files. Can I delete them? (At least the red marked ones.)
  5. Oh, they're checksums! Thanks Talldog9. I dunno. I guess I was feeling Google-lazy at the moment.
  6. The Avira AntiRootKit Tool (beta) finds more rootkit entries than AntiVir free does.
  7. Thanks boogeyman. I'm gonna give that a try.
  8. Yeah. AVG was like a neat friend. Then yesterday I open the front door and it's like, "OMG what happened to you?!" AVG has left the building.
  9. Off topic, but what is MD5? I keep seeing that lately. Are they rap or hip hop?
  10. I just may chuck AVG and try AntiVir, see if it's any less grabby.
  11. The only thing I've heard of something remotely like this was probably a FireFox add-on.
  12. I can't help but think of pirates every time I read the word Avast.
  13. I'd love to see a spoof image of a browser with every possible available toolbar on it. I imagine there'd be zero room for the browser window. Matter of fact it'd probably be several scroll pages long.
  14. I can't test speeds but I did avoid the toolbar by choosing the easy install instead of the customized install. Anybody who's used AVG for years would naturally choose the customized install. And that's where they snag you. You have no choice but to install the toolbar. So uninstall it and next time choose the easy install. You'll be given the option of installing the toolbar or not.
  15. That doesn't sound like "Miles the 2-Tailed Fox" I used to know.
  16. And then you get to pay for it all over again. The Disney Channel and unicorns and cute puppies and AVG all in one glorious package! og
  17. I'm now going to PM Andavari about personal assistance. Let's see what happens...
  18. Yeah, I saw an episode or 2 of The Office as well.
  19. So Disney bought AVG. Tell me something new.
  20. Oh thank God. I thought I was in trouble.
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